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This site is for people who want prayer in Jesus' name, and for people who want to pray for others.



Why Use Creative Prayer Ideas?


Praying can be difficult: you may not know what to pray about, where to start, or which words to use.  Sometimes you may feel too tired, or not be in the right ‘mood’.  If so, this page is for you!  Please contact us if you have any good ideas of your own, so we can add them to our resources. 


Prayer is all about communication with your best friend - the One who always answers (although not always in the way you expect).  There are literally hundreds of ways to communicate with other people - through words, pictures, music... Why not try some with God?   


[Please note that some ideas have been picked up along the way from experiences in services or small groups.  We are not deliberately taking credit for other’s ideas, and where possible have acknowledged sources.  If you find your own ideas here, we hope that you will be pleased to be sharing them and encouraging others!]


Prayer Idea for the Month

Nights of Prayer

If you have ever been frustrated trying to get your children and their guests to sleep at a sleepover (which someone ought to rename because of the lack of sleep involved), this is for you!  (This activity is much more popular with youth groups than with adults.)  Choose a suitable building in which your group can set-up camp for a night or even a whole 24 hours.  This might be your home, church hall or church – if you’re lucky enough to have a warm enough building!  Bring in plenty of edible supplies to keep you all awake (unless you want to combine prayer and fasting…) and lots of comfy cushions etc. 

You will need to structure the time with different subjects for prayer.  Perhaps have different hours or different parts of the room devoted to parts of the world, or different groups of people?  You could also have an area devoted to confession and one area to praise and celebration.  You could even use this opportunity to try out some of the other creative prayer ideas from this site!  Why not have an art or a music corner?  Try Musical Prayers from the suggestion two weeks ago. The possibilities are endless…

A ‘Night of Prayer’ is a good activity for particular situations, such as marking the beginning of a new venture, or during a world tragedy or important event, or at a particular time of year (Lent, Advent etc.).




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