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Luke 1.46-47, 49




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  • JOY c/o HEATHER     Just to let you know I have just heard that Joy is safe and well having been found by the police in Staffordshire! We still don't know what happened, but at least she is safe and well, praise God!




  • ANONYMOUS     I thank God to give me a chance to feel close to him. All my worries, anxieties, loneliness have gone a long ago. I know that Lord alone can decide everything about my kids, husband and me. I never feel lonely anymore as Jesus is beside me. I managed to come to this peace because of videos from youtube which showed people who went through near death experience and Mary apparition in Kibeho (Rwanda) and Damascus (Syria). After fasting for long time I realise that there is no happiness on earth instead it is LUST which does not Last. I found out that when I feel sad in Jesus name with emotions and love towards other people especially poor families, I was so peaceful. Thus now I see everything in Jesus name. I do not mind how I feel when a TEMPORALY situation come because I know and I am sure that it will end soon as everything on earth is temporal. I am not scared of dying or losing a loved one because I know we will go and live with our Lord in Joy of heaven. And everyone will have a turn. Thus I pray for everyone who is struggling with addiction, loneliness, fear of job or illness to know that all these are temporary and that they can know for sure that Lord Jesus in near them every minute of the day. I urge every body to SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD and everything else will land in their hands. I thank Lord in Jesus name. Amen


  • ANONYMOUS     I sent a prayer request for help to leave darkness and ask for the Lord to come back into my life. I was in the depths of despair and just (shamefully) wanted to die after years of negative events in a relentless stream. Nothing I did seemed to change my life the sweet always turning sour. The request I sent has made a difference. I prayed myself as well as asking for the prayers of others. That very day events started changing for the positive. I got a phone call about a job possibility that may happen. My friend blessed me with laughter and support. The next morning I awoke and saw a tree in all its autumn glory illuminated by sunlight. I have kept my prayer appointments with God several times a day and do feel Him near. How did I lose touch with God? Why did I lose touch? Even when I switch on the TV, radio or open a book it seems to be about God! I wanted Him back & He came!Or rather I opened up again, I guess He is always there, its me who forgets to listen. Life still is throwing up its challenges but I feel His strength supporting me & know I am not alone. I have dug out my Bible blown off the dust (sorry) and have started to read. I feel the benefit and wish to share the light with all I meet. Prayer works! Thank you Lord!


  • ANONYMOUS     I was bulemic and hated myself but God has healed me from this self loathing and now i see myself as his beautiful daughter! It has helped me to really look at peoples hearts instead of their outward appearance. I thank god so much for the way he has made me and I devote myself to following him!


  • ANONYMOUS     Hello, thank you for your prayers!! I had some dreams overnight!! I believe that they were dreams of victory. In one of them 2 men burst into my apartment violently and tried to harm me but I escaped miraculously. And, when I woke up, I was calm in my spirit. Indeed, we have a God that answers prayers!! God bless you.. Can you continue to agree with me in prayers until I receive my offer letter for my dream job! Thank you very much..


  • ANONYMOUS     I would like everybody who read this testimony to thank God; my mum has not been well for a year including throat operation. Me and family we fasted and prayed for her her to feel better. But our Lord hard other ways in mind. she went to live in heaven last month. What surprised me is the way we all her kids were happy to see her going in heaven leaving all the pain behind. She has been a good mum, all the children we gave her grandchildren; what else did we want from her. she needed a permanent break. please join me to thank God for his unconditional love. I feel peaceful now and it has changed my way of living. Thanks to our Lord.




  • ANONYMOUS     I am so grateful for God's faithfulness shown me through the Lord Jesus. I prayed and requested that God keeps me on the scholarship in my school. While others were dropped this semester from the scholarship, I am one of the two persons who remained on the work grant in the school's library out of six students. Also, my wife has given birth safely while I'm in school. The family is well taken care of by the grace of our loving God through my dear wife, while I have not a cent to contribute. This too is demonstration of Christ love for me. LET'S DRAW NEARER TO JESUS; HE'S THE ONE WHO KNOWS AND CARES FOR OUR NEEDS. Thanks to all those who joined to lift me in prayer, especially this website prayer members.


  • TKS    Praise God. I needed help to find a place to live in 5 days and I got a place that is cheap. TKS.


  • ANONYMOUS     I asked for prayer for my baby grandson who had been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. He had an MRI scan and the brain damage was worse than the doctors anticipated. We were just broken; his prognosis was not so hopeful, MEDICALLY. I have prayed and prayed to Jesus to help this lovely little boy, who was born on Pentecost Sunday last year, and PRAISE THE LORD, he is doing so well, and the doctors are saying we should 'go with what we see before us', not with what the scan shows. I believe we have a miracle in progress here, and I thank my Jesus so much, and I thank all of you who prayed for our baby. God Bless you all.


  • ANONYMOUS     Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord who gave me a change to live under the same roof with my prodigal husband. Thank you Lord. My husband left me with 2 kids in January 2009, since then he did not want talk to me, he said he does not love me and so many other hurting things. From march 2009 I started praying for my God to change my own behaviour. I started praying hard and fasting. Then my husband started to help me financial, visiting kids and buy them clothes and pay other bills. But he kept saying that he will NEVER sleep or EAT in my house. In September this year he had an accident and he called me while he was in hospital that he want me to bring him clothes as the clothes he was wearing were covered of blood. When I reached to hospital he said he wanted to come home so that I can look after him. Thank Lord for that. Me and kids' hearts were on FIRE. We had good time with him for 12 DAYS. I had a chance to show him that God has changed me into a wife described by the Bible. He went back where he stayed after he was well, but he calls regularly, and we can spend long time on phone telling me his problems. Now I am 10 days fasting for God to bring him on his senses so that he can come home forever. Lord I am ready. Never undermine Lord's power and Praise him in everything he is doing. Who doesn't like to hear "THANK" word. In Jesus name I thank God.

  • ANONYMOUS     Please pray for me to be able to get full sponsorship for my studies - Masters program in Community Development from 2010 to 2012. God bless you as you pray for me.

  • AM    Please pray for my family and myself who have health issues that are not being cured and we are all finding it very difficult. Please also pray for our financial situations to be resolved soon as it causing a huge strain financially and emotionally. Amen.


  • TIM c/o MARIE    Praise the Lord, Tim has come home from hospital after a long time. Thank you for praying, Marie


  • ANONYMOUS     I was scheduled for a tooth extraction on Tuesday this week to progress with brace treatment. My dentist said my tooth fractured when she removed it and there was a thin piece of root left. She said she would refer me to have it like 'surgically removed' if my orthodontist found it was necessary and that meant brace treatment would be delayed for a few months. Inside of me, I thought that God didn't want me to suffer a bleeding tooth all day again, have that thick saliva, and feel unwell and weary or even brace treatment be on delay and me having to travel a bit far from home or even set foot into that practise. I decided to put my trust in Him and believe that He loved me, cared for me and was going to help me. I asked in prayer for Him to remove the root in Jesus name. I referred to scripture notes from Psalm 52:8, 56:4, 91:2, 62:8, 20:7 and John 14:1 to learn to trust in Him and I referred to Matthew 21:22, Luke 17:6, Luke 1:37, Mark 11:23, Matthew 17:20 and 1 John 5:15 to learn to have faith in Him. I went for my scan yesterday and they found no root at all. A miracle had happened just like I believed and I remember I asked Him to have mercy on me for I was not perfect in faith and He did have mercy on me. I hope you can become inspired and acknowledge you can come to God when you are having troubles. I hope you can find it within you to honour Him with me for all the miracles and wonders He does and His strong mercy too. This may seem like such a small thing to some people but to me I needed the Lord's help and you should know that He even cares for our little troubles. How amazing is He!


  • ANONYMOUS     I have had multiple sclerosis for many, many years and have been suffering from neuropathic pain in my feet and legs for a long time. I have somehow managed to deal with the pain and, because I react badly to many prescription drugs, have never been keen on taking pain killers even when a doctor has prescribed them. Just recently the pain started becoming more and more severe until in the end it was more than I could bear. Of course I have asked God for healing and many others have, and do, pray for me regularly. With the unbearable pain, my prayers were becoming more and more desperate. I saw a doctor who prescribed pain killers, so I took one tiny pill. Unfortunately I reacted badly with headaches, vertigo, and 3 days of not being able to function at all. After another week, and many more prayers, I went to see another doctor. One again I was given pain killers, but I was assured they were completely different from the first lot. Even so, I was very nervous about taking them, but this morning I finally plucked up the courage to take one of the new pills. I waited for the side effects to kick in but no! Instead the pain gradually became less and less, my walking improved and my mood lifted. I have had a wonderful day. I even went shopping and spent some time with a dear friend. Thank You Lord, for this wonderful day. Thank You for the doctor that prescribed the pain killers, and for the researchers who made the drug. Please stay close to those who research the causes, cures and drugs that treat the diseases we suffer from. Guide their thinking and their actions so that they may find the answers we all seek. By His stripes we are healed. In Jesus' name, Amen.




  • TZ     Praise God for His faithfulness; He has worked miracles to allow our little boy with Down's syndrome to stay at the school he loves.  We continue to pray that God will find someone to buy our house and that we may buy another house that is more meeting of our needs; it would be wonderful if we could know when this will be..and if it will be this year.

  • ANONYMOUS     I would just like very much to praise God for the guidance I have received very strongly in response to my prayer requests earlier. Praise you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and blessings for all who have prayed for my guidance with me.

  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you Jesus for the grace and favor You granted my sister Ugo at her workplace and also to successfully change over to the postgraduate course she wanted. I also bless You for initiation of the submission of recommendation letter. Please continually grant me and my sister grace, mercy and favour in all our undertakings. I pray and believe I have received my prayers through God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen. Amen.




  • CHRISTINA     Hey this is Christina and I have requested in past to pray for my result and today my result got released and by grace of God I have passed both of my papers , thank you so much for you prayers. This is one of the greatest miracle in my life happened uphill now as one paper I have not attempted fully but my Lord made a way for me to get thru, God you are really great I love u so much, now keep praying for my December papers as they are really tough and for a dissertation to be submitted in November, thanks once again, all glory to God’s name....God Bless!


  • ANONYMOUS     Jesus I have come to bless and thank You for blessing my sister Ugo with a successful UK student visa renewal this past week. All glory, honour and adoration is Yours. Please grant her infinite grace and favour in her exams this Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th August 2010. May she come out with flying colours. Jesus also grant me grace and favours at my workplace this week. I pray and believe I have received my prayers through God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • ANONYMOUS     I thank my heavenly father, for all the blessings and miraculous healings he has put upon us all. He is compassionate, kind, and forgiving. May we all live the abundant life that God wants us to have, and Glorify him everyday without any doubt in our hearts that he hears us. Father Lord, I personally thank you for improving my skin condition. Everyday, I know you're healing me. I no longer worry about how I looked like I used to, but I am focused on your Word and on pleasing you. May I be healed of this condition in your son Jesus' Name, Amen.


  • ANONYMOUS     I had submitted a prayer to heal me of my skin problem of acne and in just 3 days I decided to go to the doctor which I had longed for a long time but never could make it and got a good doctor also for that matter and im receiving treatment for the same. I now don't have to dread to see my face in the morning. Now I feel great all with the grave of God. Thank you all for your prayers. Prayers can do wonders. Just believe in the Lord.


  • ANONYMOUS     Jesus I have come to thank and bless You for the past week. For making it possible for me to attend the job interviews and actually granted a job. I could not have done it without You, all praises, honour, adoration are Yours. I cannot thank You enough Lord God. Jesus grant me grace and favour everyday at the job with my patients and my colleagues, may I win souls for You through it and please fulfil my every dream. I continue to pray that You please also grant my sister Ugo this week successful United Kingdom student visa renewal. I pray and believe I have received my prayers through God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen. Amen.


JULY 2010


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank You Lord that I am alive and out of the serious financial situation I was facing, Thank you that I go home to a job and a home, thank You that Your church here have kept me alive, Lord the situations with me remain very difficult but You have shown that You can do anything! so I want to continue to have faith!


  • SHELAGH     Thank you for praying for our son Grant. he is calming down GOD is good thank GOD for GOD and thank GOD for this prayer line GOD bless you all.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thanks be to God for my success in my job interview today. I pray now that he will bless the school where I work and show me where he now wants for the rest of my life. Thanks be to God


JUNE 2010


  • T     I have been using this site now for nearly a year. I truly believe that the power of prayer is a grand thing and are thankful to the prayer partners who have prayed for me and continue to do so. I believe God gives us no more than we can bear and that if things are truly God's Will they happen! I have seen proof of this in my own situation. Thanks again.


  • ANONYMOUS     THANKS for the prayers. I asked to have good results in exam, and despite all the difficulties I was coming through these years, I have got 4 distinctions and 1 credits. I am so thrilled. Also, I prayed to have a car if it's OK for me. I got a nice car in cheap money. THANKS GOD.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for prayers, my little boat is mended and sailable now, thank you for prayers for my home and food, I have food and a place to wash and cook in peace and some peace and quiet.


  • A     I am giving thanks to the Lord that the prayers of His people are heard, I asked for prayer as I did not feel I could go on, now I know without a shadow of a doubt that people, these prayer partners also people that my daughter told things to at Church prayed for me and since the moment I asked for the prayer I have felt so different, wanting to get up in the mornings and have been doing loads of housework, lots of areas now look lovely, I always did like it to be tidy but it seemed so long since I felt able or even inclined in any real sense to actually want to make our home how it should be, it makes me feel so much better and I suppose the one thing that I can control, how nice the house looks. I need to tackle my bedroom as other people's things are invading it also the garden is a big problem as I cannot physically do the mowing of the lawn and it has grown so much and so high that I am ashamed of it but would so much like it be done then I can be glad to look at the garden with some already established shrubs that I planted. Thank you for the prayers and thank for the answers to them.


MAY 2010


  • ANONYMOUS     In May my son was arrested because he gave an old friend a lift who was carrying drugs on his person without my son's knowledge. He was charged and put in prison at Brixton, I went into deep prayer, laying claim to Psalm 91 every morning and night asking god to do justice and also to help with his salvation. I also put a prayer in May I think or April concerning this. Today, a month from the day, my son's case was taken to court and the judge threw it out. leaving my son free with no charges. I just want to thank , praise and magnify his holy name because he has been so good to me. Amen... Ps 91:9-10 "If you make the Most High your dwelling— even the LORD, who is my refuge, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent." AMEN ....Thank you Jesus.





  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you so much for your prayers for Christian who had lung cancer. He looked like he was dying, when we asked for prayer for him. Today his wife told us that he went for a check-up, and the doctors couldn't find any trace of the cancer and of course couldn't explain it at all! They insist though that he finishes the treatment, so please pray that there will be no harm by it. Thank you so much!

  • ANONYMOUS     Thanks so much for all the prayers when I was in a lot of emotional pain, unemployed and in debt in January/February. I now have a job with kind, caring colleagues and am starting to clear my debts and am beginning to recover emotionally.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for your prayers, God gave us a healthy baby boy. Thank you god for big miracle u done for us, everything is possible if you believe in him. Thank you very much father. Amen!


APRIL 2010


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for you various prayers for me over the past few years, yes I escaped on Monday night, and have just come out of hospital after a trouble free operation, unfortunately I have felt so good and normal after the operation that I have overdone things today and feel tired and not so good, more prayers and Thank You, Praise be.


  • ANONYMOUS     Hello, Thank you, I got my shoes that I prayed for, please could you pray for the help I need with the little boat that I also got, and pray for me I am very ill and hurt.


  • ADJ     Please help me to Give Thanks and praises to the almighty God, who has answered my prayers. My sister and I fell out after mum's death and after praying for for more than 3 years God has answered my prayers we are now reunited.


  • ANONYMOUS     Hello, thank you for praying for me for shoes and the little boat, I have the little boat, it was almost a gift but needs work, please pray for that and shoes and money and for my safety as I put myself in danger, Thank You God for the boat.


  • ANONYMOUS     THANKS for your prayers. I asked to move on from a relationship that did not work which the other party did not show love and also am now sorting himself out. I feel peaceful these few days and happy to be single. I am 34, but I am happy I am single. Though I have to admit I want to have my family and if possible, my own children. But I am happy where I stand now. And I have a very clear mind now and control myself well not to contact the person in question anymore. I feel I can let go really. THANKS.


  • TRICIA c/o ANONYMOUS     'Please pray for my friend Tricia. She has the most beautiful singing voice and uses it to worship God. She is currently off work, because the docs have told her that she will permanently lose her voice if she does not rest it. She's very depressed at this news and has been unwell with it for weeks and weeks.' I sent the above request at the end of March. Tricia returned to work last week and on Sunday, she worshipped with a perfect voice. Thank you God.



  • ANONYMOUS     Lets thank the Lord for answering prayer! Update on Nigeria Hostage Situation: Dear Ones, Thank you for so faithfully warring in prayer for the kidnapped missionaries in Nigeria. Our prayers are availing much. I have been in regular touch with Josh and the team throughout the course of the day, here is basically what has happened.
    1. Last night the situation seemed pretty dire, with the kidnappers making threats and outrageous demands in regards to releasing Simon and Ikumi.
    2. Today the Lord really turned the tide in answer to prayer. The kidnappers have understood and accepted that Simon and Ikumi are missionaries and not oil company or government employees, which was their target. Simon and Ikumi have really been winning their captors over, witnessing, singing songs in Igbo, etc. They started referring to them as their friends in their calls with Josh, saying they had gotten the wrong people and they were sorry they had gotten people of God. Josh has spoken with Simon and Ikumi a few times during the course of the day and they are in high spirits and doing well.
    3. This afternoon things were very close to a handover agreement.
    4. In working out the handover details things started getting late. They were still going to attempt the handover tonight, however the kidnappers then got a little difficult and demanding so they had to back out of the handover tonight to work out these details. So, the Lord is really doing it and has largely turned the tide in the spirit, but we need desperate prayer for the final leg to victory and Simon and Ikumi's release. Please pray that all the details can be worked out asap tomorrow, that the kidnappers won't hold out on their increased demand, but that they'll honour their word and proceed with the handover. "He that hath begun a good work, will complete it until the end!" so let's really claim the full victory and release with the same fervency that has so far availed so much on behalf of our dear brethren. Thank you so much! Much love.  Now they are free and back with their loved ones and the medical help project continues... God is wonderful! Thank you for your prayers!!!!


MARCH 2010


  • ANONYMOUS     I have gone through a very difficult emotional period and are not completely out of the 'woods' yet, but with your prayers and my clinging to God, I experience HIM as my ROCK and I trust in Him to get me through this time of pain and confusion. He is SO faithful and with everlasting Lovingkindness that I know I can only rest in Him who is in control of my life and has planned good things for my future, in His service. Thank you Lord.


  • P     Please pray that the Lord protects me (P) in everything and is my shield, my refuge, my comfort, pray that nothing can take away the peace that Jesus has given us. Lord I praise you, let not my enemies and the wicked snare me, for who can stand in the presence of the Lord. Pray that the Lord protect me and my family from all attacks. May the lord bless you all for your prayers.

  • ANONYMOUS     I want to praise the Lord and sing to him, how lovely, how worthy, how wonderful you are. My request is not even posted yet, but I believe and with thanksgiving, I praise you Lord!


  • ANONYMOUS     Suddenly after 27 years I went to visit my best friend in cochin, and there I found Jesus in my friends house where we wept together and worship the lord, for I am born again in Christ to realise how much he loves to die in cross for me. That we have to be obedient to the lord and read all the promise he kept for us from the Bible. I have learned to read the bible and just believe in him




  • S c/o ANONYMOUS     A real miracle! S. and her family found today a wonderful house to stay in which isn't expensive and the owner of the house is very understanding about her paperwork. The whole thing is just a total miracle in this town where so many are looking for housing! And it is exactly what they need. S's partner was completely dumbfounded and sooooo happy, and kept asking "Why? Why us?" and S. told him that it is because of your and our prayers, and because of God's unconditional love, and he is really touched. Thank you soooooo much for your prayers. They work. God bless you all! Please keep praying that the papers will come through soon.




  • TZ     Hello. Thank you for your prayers. On 17th Feb. I wrote to say my little boy Tim was ill and we had to cancel a much needed holiday. Well, God heard our prayers and healed Tim- and 2 days later we went away...and have had a WONDERFUL time! we've relaxed and feel so much better. And my husband and I have re-connected after some difficult times. Praise the Lord for his glory and kindness.




  • ANONYMOUS     I just want to bless and thank all the prayer warriors for their love and dedication. I have submitted a prayer request, and have read the prayers submitted by others, and it is such a reassurance to know that when, like Moses, we become too weary to hold up our arms in battle, there are those who help carry our load and fight along with us. God bless you all. Your prayers are invaluable.

  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for prayer concerning extreme emotional pain (Monday 15th).  I am feeling somewhat better.


  • ANONYMOUS     Dear Lord, I thank you once again for Your faithfulness and answer even before we call! thank you that You are a Loving and Gracious God who wants the best for us if we will only turn to You and seek your face! I seek your face Dear Lord! Thank you for your blessings and grace and that you love me in spite of knowing my heart and thoughts and ways which are far from how it should be. Thank you!

  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for prayers for a lawyer and righting of wrongs, all is not resolved yet but there is hope, it looks as if we will get a lawyer and be able to process things, which is great news though it has been left long enough for harm to be done. Thank you, keep up the good prayers!

  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you so much for your prayers. A few days ago I asked that the Lord would give me the job I had applied for if it was right and release me from the job I'm in now that I really don't like. He did just that and I start my new job next week. I give Him all the glory. He is so good and faithful. I thank you once again for your faithful prayers.


  • ANONYMOUS     I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU. First to my Lord who delivered me and continues to deliver me from all my fears and all of you who prayed for me. I posted my prayer request for an answer to my loneliness and negative thoughts and within hours of it being posted, I felt God reveal to my heart that it is a SPIRIT of fear and sadness which is causing my unhappiness and the devil or his demons is using my interpretation of circumstances and others' behaviour to apply those negative thoughts to my heart. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but in the powers and principalities and although I already new that, God helped me to see that more clearly and confirmed it by taking me to 1 Corinthians 2 verses 6 to 16 in my bible reading this morning. I have felt the effects of your Godly prayers and I know healing is taking place, and although today, someone I saw at church to whom I had given a gift did not thank me or respond to my kindness and seemed in fact to ignore me, instead of feeling literally sick to the stomach and wondering why, I have been able to still have joy and peace, understanding it is possibly that person's hurt in their own lives brought about by the same evil spiritual forces causing them to behave that way, and I can then pray for them. Perhaps less dramatically, that person simply forgot! Whatever the reason, I am learning to no longer feel pain due to insecurity. Once again THANK YOU.


  • ANONYMOUS     I emailed about 1.30am Monday night in extreme emotional pain, felt it physically. Within the hour I had a release from most of the shock & trauma that had come on me, or perhaps it was an attack. Tuesday 11pm I have been calm & peaceful all day and feeling a lot better.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for praying for the father in law of a friend who was kidnapped in Honduras. The prayer worked and he was able to escape and is well and back with his family! Praise God.




  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for praying for Stuart, a good friend and Activated reader. He is out of intensive care and on to a ward, so that is very good news. The doctors say, that recovery will be up to 6 months, pls keep him in your prayers, and that he won't lose his job. Thank you. Thank you for praying for the healing from a bladder infection of S. she is much better! The Lord answered our prayers for Nicole by taking her home and away from her suffering from lung cancer. Thank you. Let's pray for the comfort of her family and loved ones. Thank you for prayer for Monique against alcoholism and smoking, the Lord did it! She had a terrible fall while being drunk and had to go to the hospital, where she was detoxified and told that she needs to stop smoking. She did. Please keep praying for her. Thank you. Thanks for your prayers for Imana and Leila and their long travel through icy roads. They arrived safely. Thank you for your prayers for Sara and her daughter for getting new passports and her travels. It all worked out well.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for praying about my poverty and lack of dental treatment, I now am getting hospital help with my teeth and I am getting good meals every day from my employers, I am very grateful, Thanks. Thank You God.


  • ANONYMOUS     Dear and wonderful Lord and Heavenly Father! thank you so much for a very good holiday and for Your protection and healing. For Your Grace, poured out on us so abundantly and that You are working behind the scene of our lives to bring it to that place that will bring You Glory! THANK You Lord for all you have done for us! We love You Lord!


  • ANONYMOUS     For the past 2 yrs 9 mos many have stood in prayer with me over this intensely evil situation where a relative was practicing both witchcraft and trying to steal the money from an elderly couple. She tried to kill him, may have killed the lady, and threatened me as well. At the end of 2009 we won our case & are closing. Evil has been dealt a heavy blow. THIS is God's handiwork, no doubt about it. I can't thank you enough 4 your faithfulness in prayer. Bless you all in abundance in this New Year 2010!




  • ANONYMOUS     Ma. Thank God for this website which helps so many people to put words to many thoughts and desires that they need God to intervene into. Thank God for this prayer aid, helping many actually structure ideas and present them as specific prayers to God. It's really a blessing because then we know we've begun to address a situation with the right perspective and are more tuned into receiving what God has for us. Just as God says, in asking we receive, in seeking, we find and in knocking, the door is opened to us. Alleluia.


  • ANONYMOUS     Praise the Lord, he has healed my friend from cancer, we had news today that he was all clear and has not got cancer any more, Praise the Lord for he is good, thank you from the bottom of my heart, amen.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for praying for both my husband and myself in connection with our financial situation. Our business has slowed down due to the recession to the point we were having to use credit cards quite a bit. However, slowly bit by bit, we have some work coming in through the business and I have another part time job unrelated to the business but pays well. We have a long way to go to get our finances back on track, but we are grateful for the work God has provided and your prayers. So many days, I wanted to give up, but just hanging on one more day we are seeing a way through. God does not always answer in the way we think! God bless all who took the time to pray for us. Please keep praying for all those who are effected by the recession.




  • DAD /CO SALLY     Good news so please pass on my thanks for prayers and praise to God. Dad now has 3 stents, is off oxygen and good colour. He’s sleeping now. If he does well today, he’ll be transferred to a “step down” ward tomorrow and then onto the general ward after that.

  • ANONYMOUS     THANK you Lord for hearing our prayers! My friend who was sick for such a long time says he feels so much better and has hope on a full recovery where I was fearing he might loose hope all together! THANK you Lord! Thank you for loving us so much and for the good plans You have for us! THANK YOU! We love you Lord!

  • DANNY Ac/o MAUELA     Thank you for praying for Danny, his wrist is much better today and he has again feeling in his fingers! The Lord is so wonderful, let's pray that those who need Him will find Him soon and follow His Word, so they can have a blessed life as well. Much of His wonderful love, and God bless you all.

  • ANONYMOUS     I recently asked for prayer on your site for God to open the door on the right job for me. Praise God! A few days later not only was I offered a full time job as a Childcare Practitioner but the Lord went one step further and I've been put in charge of a section of the Nursery. This was something I really did not expect at all. God is just so good and I want to thank you so much for your prayers and give God all the glory. In Jesus' Name.

  • UGO     Jesus I have come to thank and bless You for the grace, favours and blessings You granted me and my sister Ugo with successful United Kingdom visa extensions. I thank You specially this week for granting my sister Ugo the student visa extension, all glory, honour and adoration is Yours. Please also bless the prayer team that have prayed for these prayer points during the application process. Please continue to strengthen all of them and their families.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you Lord for providing the very best for us at the right time! For your undeserved blessings and good plan for our lives if we come to that point of TRUSTING in only You. Help us to keep our eyes on you Lord and only you. Thank you so much for your love and kindness and grace. That nothing is impossible for you ! How good it is to know you and belong to you. Thank you!




  • ANONYMOUS     Wonderful Lord! Thank you for keeping our son safe! For the work You are doing in his life and in our family. We belong to You and are your servants. Use us to your glory and for Your Kingdom! Thank you Lord.


  • ANONYMOUS     Last night I sent a prayer request for stopping the delays in a court case. God answered today and a date for mediation has been set for November 18th. Praise the Lord. More prayer needed in a new request to be sent. Thank you all for standing faithfully with me in prayer. This has been a long haul and it is not over but we are going in that direction. God bless you all.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you for your prayers a year or two ago about my unfaithful boyfriend. We are now friends again and he is regularly reading his bible and showing more hunger for the things of God and I think he is walking free of sexual sin. His behaviour has changed a lot.


  • ANONYMOUS     I want to thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to spend 4 weeks with my mother who is in hospital in New York. I thank you Lord for going before me and making a way through all my fears and doubts. I thank You Lord for your people who reach out and helped. I thank you Lord for all those who prayed and continue to pray. I thank you Lord for You are the Healer and You are my Provider. I thank You Lord that I can call upon You and call upon Your Name and You always answer. I thank You Lord for Psalm 91 where you promise my mother a long life. I thank you Lord for Psalm 21 where you promise when mother and father forsake us You Lord will take us up. Bless You Lord God, Healer, Provider, Rock, Defender, Strong Tower, Righteous and Faithful. Blessed be Your Name O Lord who blesses His people with good things. Amen.

  • ANONYMOUS     Father God I thank you for the birth of my nephew and niece. Please be with them and guard and protect them against all evil. Lord let your Angels protect them throughout their lives and may the live to glorify and honour you. Amen.



  • KAI     When someone @ the jobcentre told a pack of lies about me and got my badly needed benefits sanctioned for a month I knew it was time to get off benefits for good! Within the space of two months I prayed for and received £750 TWICE!! while my benefits were unpaid and I have just now signed off once and for all and receiving a £450 lump sum as business start-up money. Alleluia!! That's nearly £2,000 in total when I thought I was done for. "WHEN I AM DOWN TO NOTHING GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING"  Say it with me it's all I've been able to say for a month. Since frequenting this prayer site everything I have asked for has come into being - now I ask for 1 more thing that my Cirrus be sent to me to open doors, enable & educate, be a financial backer for my business. Amen. Yours in Christ.




  • ANONYMOUS     I am thanking the Lord for his work today, today we have an immense mental health crisis with my son, we took him to the walk in centre where he saw the mental health crisis team who arrived there. Afterwards we went for some very late lunch and he said he thinks he won't go to college this year but get better first and now he has gone to Church again with his sister. He said he had been reading a bible but it was a manga bible and did not make sense of where what was. He wanted to read the Bible for which I am thanking the Lord and he has gone to Church again, he wanted to go.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you so much for your prayers. Not long ago I asked for prayer for my Christian book which I wrote while suffering from high blood pressure and severe anxiety (and was house-bound). A mainstream publisher showed an interest in it a long time ago, and I asked for prayer for them to get in touch to confirm this. And they did! Now, this book should come out, as long as they get the finance to continue on! Please pray for their financial situation, so they (a non-Christian publisher) can bring the word of God to secular readers!! Please can I ask you to pray for my anxiety and health and for the Lord to restore my confidence. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.


  • A     I asked for prayer earlier on today selfishly for myself. Thank you for posting the prayer. Thank you for your prayers, As an update after the cross and angry words from my son earlier, after borrowing 2 eggs from my next door neighbour, he had fried egg rolls for lunch, I again mentioned going to see the manager at the gym to see what they could offer in the way of support, this time after to cut a fairly longish story short , we went in a taxi to the gym. We saw the manager along with the man who had helped my son with his induction and the manager asked him what he wanted to do after telling him he can cancel the membership if he wants to, my son said he wants to be able to carry on.!!!I had explained a little about the mental illness and lack of confidence, etc on the telephone. It was arranged the my son who I will now call D will go to the gym tomorrow at 2.30pm and talk with the helpful trainer type person. I am praising the Lord for this. At 3.30pm D had a meeting with a college tutor about going to do the top up year, another long story cut short is D is starting back to college on 23rd September. We or I should say I now have to sort out the finance side of things, the student loan ,grant etc as soon as is possible !!. I am praying the Lord for this also and requesting continuing prayers as D will have internships to find, etc etc and on and on. I know the prayers were for myself and I have just mentioned D, well when things are a bit or a lot easier with him then of course I can stop crying and even had a few minutes in town on my own (when he was in his afternoon meeting) when I walked to a supermarket to buy a particular orange squash drink D likes !!. Thank You for the prayers and for this website


  • A     I am thanking the Lord for his work today, today we have an immense mental health crisis with my son, we took him to the walk in centre where he saw the mental health crisis team who arrived there. Afterwards we went for some very late lunch and he said he thinks he won't go to college this year but get better first and now he has gone to Church again with his sister. He said he had been reading a bible but it was a Manga Bible and did not make sense of where what was. He wanted to read the Bible for which I am thanking the Lord and he has gone to Church again, he wanted to go.




  • A     I asked for prayer because my son was at Church with my daughter, thank you for the prayers, he liked the talk, was tired when they came home before they came home someone invited my son to a cell group social tonight, it was going to be a barbecue but now it is snacks but hey they have both gone to it now as I write, my daughter asked him if he was going to go he said yes without hesitation , he said his CPN had told him to go to such (social) events. Thank you and continued prayers please oh I nearly forgot they both joined a gym yesterday so my son is getting very nervous about going for his induction on his own.


  • A     Thank you for your prayers. My daughter had her disciplinary at work, to do with her having had 9 days off in the  four months since she started there and it was OK, the managers are very pleased with her, now she has decided she wants to do the Level 4 Foundation Degree through the Open University in childcare. Thank you that she made this decision. She has been struggling with her faith a lot recently which was worrying me but last night she was chatting online to a Christian friend who was helping her a lot also loads of Christian friends and my sister were praying about today's day at work also the minister at her church sent an Email with words that the Lord had given him for my daughter, God is Good, God is Great God is Faithful, Praise His Holy Name. Thank You that today my son was not crying and being all hopeless, he seemed a bit down but I was able to go into town alone to deliver the application form for the course my daughter is doing and spent some time in the Body Shop as I had been given a gift card as a treat as I never do anything for myself, I had my face done and bought some products. Thank You.


  • ANONYMOUS     Lord I thank you for answered prayer not just once but twice, I thank you that Philip has had confirmation of tenancy for his new home, and I thank you that I was able to a have a peaceful and fearless night and was able to sleep. Lord I know you as my Saviour, and am aware of How Great Your Love is I never tire of hearing brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ relate how many times you work in peoples lives. Dear Lord How Wonderful How Marvellous is Your Love. There is no greater gift than to receive your divine love, THANK YOU DEAREST LORD JESUS I LOVE YOU JESUS, I LOVE YOU.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you God for saving my sister when she almost gave up on life; thank you she is still here and with her beautiful children. And thank you for sparing our Mum when we nearly lost her in a car accident in May - don't know what I would do without her. Thank you for your presence all through my Mum's life. Your guiding hand has brought her through so much darkness and I often wonder how she got to be the wonderful person and mother that she is after such a terrible start in life; it could only be down to you! xx



  • ANONYMOUS     I just wanted to thank God for His provision. My mother is still in intensive care but I have been able to travel thousands of miles from the UK to USA to see her. I thank God for her life and for his healing grace. Amen.


JULY 2009


  • ANONYMOUS     I did not pray for this, as I felt guilty for wanting the person who was causing me great distress at work, to lose their job which they really love. This person did not leave just purely on my account. When I was lying on my couch, I felt a deep sadness that things did not work out for this person. I just want to thank God for working things out for good. I pray for this person and ask God to forgive me if I have done wrong and to forgive this person and bring her into a right and loving relationship with him. I thank God for his goodness both to those who love Him and those who don't as His sun and wind blows on the just and the unjust. I thank God for always knowing what's best for his children. In Jesus' name. Amen


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you Jesus for taking the rap for me. Thank you for life everlasting. Thank you for hope. Thank you for answered prayers. I love you Jesus. Thank you so much for being with me and holding me up when I fell down. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


  • ANONYMOUS     Dear Lord God, thank you for my mother, a very special lady in my life.


  • ANONYMOUS     I want to thank God for all His blessings and mercy and goodness and faithfulness and that He never gives up on us!

  • SHAMEEL     Thank you so much................for all your prayer support. My prayers have been answered. My NZ residence application had been answered and my partner Nishant has moved back in with me, and we have planned to get married next year. God is great and awesome. He has answered my prayers in no time. Love u all, brothers and sisters who have been praying for me in the Jesus' name, Amen. Love u all. God Bless.


JUNE 2009


  • TZ     Praise God...I asked for prayer that my husband would get a new job after his redundancy in October. Within a week he had a part-time job, and this week he goes full-time. Praise God. also, we have been struggling in our marriage, and Praise God we have just had a lovely weekend away together. Also, prayer about a development next to our home may not be going ahead. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you Lord for your grace.


  • DAUGHTER c/o ANONYMOUS     Dear Loving Father, I thank You and praise You for all your mercy and goodness to us. Thank You especially for answering my prayers for my daughter who was struggling with "sexual orientation" and being fed lies by the enemy. She has grown and matured and we now hear about the BOYS she likes. Thank You Lord for being with me during that time and for giving me signs that You were in control and that everything was going to be ok. It took nearly a year - but everything IS OK. Thank You.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thanks for your prayers last year over an unfaithful boyfriend. We are reconciled to friendship and I see a big change in his life and I am healing from the heartache.


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you Lord for answering my prayer, I passed my theory  test today. Thank you so much Lord with you father everything is possible.


  • ANONYMOUS     Lord thank you for showing once again your faithfulness! For answering our prayers and working to bring us to that place You have planned for us where we can be what you have planned us to be. Thank you!


  • ANONYMOUS     Answers to prayers! Thank you for your prayers. They help! I found again the lost pouch with keys, someone honest brought them to the police! Jeffrey's leg didn't need to be amputated! Here is the news: “Jeffrey was allowed home as the infection has healed. His leg is still in plaster and in 3 months or so he will have to have treatment to try and mend his torn ligaments.” Nicole's daughter Stephanie is off drugs, away from the wrong influences, taking care of her children again, and together with a hardworking, kind single father. Her and his children get along great, and all are happy! What an answer to prayer. Matthew is much better and the cancer is decreasing. Amazing all these answers to prayer, thank you soooo much! God bless you!


MAY 2009


  • ANONYMOUS     Thank you Lord for confirmation and undeserved blessings! For having a good plan for our lives, help us to focus on the promises in you Word! Thank you Lord!


  • PATTY     Hello, last year at this time I began to ask for prayer for my daughter who does Irish dancing, she had so many struggles, it was a love hate relationship, well Praise God, she is doing great! She still suffers from injuries, but her timing and rhythm and friends at the new school is wonderful! God is great, and I love him so much, he had done a awesome thing in my daughter's life. Thank you to all who prayed alongside us, thank you we do serve a God full of grace!!!! Just a note teachers of dance have said that timing and rhythm is something rarely taught, you have to be born with it, well our Lord can do what Irish dance teachers say can not be done!!!


  • ANONYMOUS     My daughter was in a manipulative relationship for 5 years and through prayer and learning to leave it to the Lord, her eyes opened and she broke it off! She is enjoying life now and has grown so much closer to God in the last few months! Praise the Lord for His loving-kindness and faithfulness!


MARCH 2009


  • JULES (USA)     Thanks for the prayers. The surgery went well and my sight is now  better in my right eye than the left one. The surgeon is great. He  calls his patients personally later in the evening to make sure they are  all right. God bless you all.




  • JULIANA (Norwich)     After a very busy, hot and emotional holiday in south Africa over the Christmas holidays, we arrived at the airport to fly back to the UK just to find out that we have missed our plane by a day having read the tickets incorrectly. I started to pray for seats on the already overbooked airplane but if we had to stay another day, God has a reason. After waiting 2 hours they still couldn't tell us if we were going to fly out that night. We had seats booked on-line on the plane we missed but could get the seats that we wanted, which was Nr 29,( at the back of the middle of the plane) 11:20 a half an hour before the flight, they called us and said we had seats!! We were over-joyed! When we looked at the seating, IT WAS NR 29!!! I had such a warm feeling of how wonderful God is even in the very small things such as seats, letting me know He IS in control as we didn't ask for specific seats on the plane, we were just GLAD to be on the plane!! If God is so loving-kind in something so small, how much MORE is He not in the big things! We can truly trust Him in ALL things! :-) He is an AMAZING God!! Thank You Lord!! I love you Lord!

  • GRANT c/o SHELAGH      Thank you soooo much for your prayers for our son Grant. yesterday I told you of his difficulties with his addictions and being put out or not allowed in various homeless hostels as he could not adhere to their rules. He had managed to get to the hospital as he was found lying in the street after us telling him we could not help him over the phone as it would just hold him in his addiction which he has had for 9 years and we came to the realization we were aiding him but we thought we were helping him at the time. Anyway he got into the local hospital who are now helping him. It was difficult to leave him in GOD's hands and I was praying without ceasing which I do most of the time anyway but GOD is a great and mighty GOD and he is never out of control. He sometimes answers prayers quicker than others and this time he did just that. Please continue to pray for Grants healing he has a court case on 18th Feb and at last court date last week judge had threatened custodial sentence but was going to look at background social reports. I know that GOD is in control of that situation also and it will be THE LORDS decision where Grant will go. GOD bless you all for your prayers. I am praying for you all. Love Shelagh+


  • ANONYMOUS      Thank you Lord for showing me the way! That YOU and You alone is the WAY. That people can never take Your place, Let your light and your love live through me to reflect to the world. Pour into me Your Spirit to overflowing, so that I can be that person, vessel to serve you. I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen


  • A     Thank You that my daughter gave her testimony tonight at church, afterwards total strangers came up and spoke to her and said thank you, and thank you for being so genuine. Thank you that today my son has had no tears.


  • ANONYMOUS      My unloving and verbally abusive husband seems to have changed overnight after your prayers. I find this hard to believe but I still pray for a miracle and a new blessed basis for a relationship. Amen.


  • A      Thank You that my son went to college today, recorded something for a project and had a reasonable day even going into a mobile phone shop to sort out a new phone contract on his own. Thank You that so far 1010pm we have had no sobbing today. Thank You that I have worked a whole 'shift' of 6 days with the new team at work and the other team members that I had almost dreaded working with were really nice to me even saying well done to me.


  • ANONYMOUS      I prayed about a parking space feud with a really nasty neighbour and God has been answering my requests for peace and justice. Amen.


  • ANONYMOUS      I praise the Lord ,for your prayer towards us. May the Lord God bless you immensely for your love towards us. I thank God as God showed his salvation to my family members, Marking each one with his blood and name. I thank God, We are under his wings. May you prosper in everything you do. In the name of Jesus ,I pray with for your blessing. Amen.

  • ANONYMOUS      A million thanks to you my Lord truly you are God of provider, juz one day after I submit my prayer request Jesus touch the heart of the person who owe me money at last my family paid our rented house, elec. bill and all our debts there, truly you'll never leave us in times of sorrow and deep trouble.. To God be the Glory..


  • ANONYMOUS      Thank You Lord for working behind the wings of our lives stage to bless us and to draw us nearer to You. Thank You for showing in little things and big things that You are STILL in control. Fill Your children to overflowing with Your Spirit so we can be the light for this world and the strengthen us in times of trouble and disappointments when You seems not to hear our prayers. Teach us to WAIT on You and Your wonderful wisdom and timing! Our God is an awesome God and He reigns in Heaven and Earth! Thank You Lord!


  • A      Thank you that my son went to college today.

  • ANONYMOUS      Praise the Lord! The two 11 year old boys kidnapped in another country have been returned home safely. THANK YOU LORD and thank you intercessors.

  • ANONYMOUS      On Monday 5/01/09 I requested prayer for my girlfriends mother, this was an emergency request as her mother was in a very frail condition and the doctors had said that she was unlikely to pull through her operation. The doctors hadn't taken Jesus into consideration!! as she is now doing well and is expected to leave ICU (intensive care) early next week! many thanks to those who prayed . Jesus is alive and still performing miracles today all praise and glory to Him.








I'm Rob and I am a writer living in Warwickshire, England. I studied English and trained as a teacher at Birmingham University but I moved back to my beloved Dorset on the south coast as soon as possible. There I remained until I was drawn north again to Warwickshire to marry my beautiful Amy. She is an amazing person with an amazing story, and she has taught me so much about the importance of prayer.

Coming to Christ
So far, my journey to God has been a mixture of rough and smooth with as much running away from God as running to Him. I first went to church (out of choice) when I was about fourteen, and unfortunately for me it turned out to be a bit of a mad church... you don't need to hear the details. Suffice to say that I came to doubt everything these folks had told me about and that included the Love of God. My faith took a bit of a battering over those years - but my problem was with the behaviour of His followers rather than with the Lord. I think that there was something of a prayer shortfall in those painful years. There was a happy ending though.

When I arrived at Birmingham Uni it was not long before I ended up on comfy chair, cup of tea in hand, at St. Francis Hall Chaplaincy. Because of my childhood upbringing, I wandered into the Anglican Chaplain's office. After listening to me he invited me back again and gave me his card. He also invited me to a social at which I met some rather attractive Christian girls. God does not always work in mysterious ways! Ask any Christian guy, and his testimony will probably begin, "Well, there was this girl at youth club I fancied and...". I was 19 and He worked through Caroline, Claire and Jo (Catholic, Methodist and Anglican respectively). They were all thoroughly nice to me but Caroline in particular took me under her wing. She sat me down in the pub and over a few months let me talk out my anger and frustration and pain. It must have been very boring for her, but, I am sure, she prayed for me. To cut short a long story (mostly about her making me come to regular small group meetings), she turned me around and I came back to Jesus, admittedly as an Anglican!

Just over a year later I met Amy, and in praying with her and for her, my tiny faith was built up. My story with her and the details of our lives are our own, but we couldn't get by without God. There are some weights that you can't bear without the Creator Himself helping you. But I wouldn't swap her for anyone because we are also blessed with tonnes of joy and silliness too!



My name is Amy. I help Rob to run this site, and have contributed the Art and Creative Prayer Ideas, found in Resources. I live in Warwickshire where I teach violin and piano. I also play and sing for various Churches and Christian organisations. My testimony is quite different from Rob’s, but we have been brought together because of God’s hand on our lives.

My Testimony
I have always believed in God, but when I was thirteen realised that living with Jesus was what it was really all about. My vicar had said, ‘When I became a Christian, suddenly the grass became greener’. This sounded great, so I went along with it! My motive may have been foolish, but I know that the decision was the best one I have ever made. However, becoming a Christian did not always make the grass greener…

I started playing music when I was five and discovered that I was quite good at it. I was accepted into a specialist music school later and was sure that God wanted me to ‘make it’. However, I developed ‘performance-related’ injuries preventing me from playing as much as I’d like. The first incidents were relatively short-lived, but as time went on I experienced more and more ‘itises’ and ‘syndromes’ in my upper body. I had many treatments, but they only gave temporary relief. I was continually told that my problems were the result of bad playing techniques, but my violin teachers couldn’t find anything to correct. After eight years I started developing problems in my hips, which were obviously not due to violin playing! I finally received a diagnosis which made sense. I have Hypermobility Syndrome: a genetic disorder of the connective tissues (muscles, joints, skin etc.) causing vulnerability to injury and chronic pain. Since this diagnosis I have received more appropriate treatment, but continue to suffer more injuries and confuse more doctors and specialists with my ‘wonky’ body. The last couple of years have been even more trying as I have increasingly had to sacrifice ‘normal’ activities, cope with increasing levels of pain, use a wheelchair and experience yet more unsuccessful treatment. As for my music, I am a long way from my childhood dreams…

So, where’s God and prayer in all of this? There are 101 lessons I have learned, and 101 blessings, alongside the same number of challenges. God had never let me go, and continues to guide and sustain me in every trial and decision. He has brought good out of bad time after time, (Romans 8:28) and I know from experience that His strength is made perfect in my weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). God has shaped my life through this, transforming my gifts (I now use my music in new ways) and giving me new ones. He has changed my direction and I have been led to new places and met new people for which I am so thankful.

Of course I struggle with pain and unanswerable questions, but has suffering damaged my faith? No, quite the opposite. Through it God has given me a strong desire to pray. I believe that prayer is an amazing privilege given to us for intimate relationship with the creator of the universe. When we pray we are calling on heaven to intervene into any situation, anywhere, anytime, for anybody! Countless number of people have prayed for my healing, yet I am still not healed, but I believe that God has answered every one of those prayers with His answer ‘No, not yet, but THIS…’ and He has worked amazing alternatives in my life. We will never stop praying, even when the answers are not the ones we want to hear, or when God seems silent. God’s answers come at the right time with the right solution. Please keep praying for my healing, and for strength in the meantime! I have seen God answer many prayers, and exceed my expectations beyond belief. Please ask for prayer through this site, whatever your need, and also share with us your answers to prayer, whether they are ‘Yes!’ ‘No’ or something else…

It is now 2007, more than three years on from when I wrote the above testimony. I asked you to be praying for me and have been so grateful for all who have continued to do so. One of our dear prayer partners in Africa even held a whole day of prayer and fasting with his whole Church family especially for me! God is indeed answering my and your prayers. You can read about many of these at the top of this page, but here it's now appropriate to bring you up to date with my health. In the last year and a half God has led me to health professionals who have had the right training, good discernment and kindness, not to mention facilities to help me beyond my imagination. I have seen remarkable improvements, and am growing in strength all the time. I have to be pro-active in this healing, committing to exercise and other discipline in order to continually improve. I believe that God has the power to heal in supernatural ways, but also believe that He may choose to work alongside those in the medical profession He has given the skills and gifts to treat us. God also chooses to work alongside us in our healing, just as He does in other areas of life, such as spreading the gospel or helping the poor. We can pray for God's help, but we should be prepared to be active in the answer to that prayer! I am enjoying this three-way relationship of trusting God, trusting my medical team and working hard myself to keep up the exercise programme and persevere in prayer and positive thinking.

I want to encourage all who seek healing for any physical, emotional or spiritual illness to come to the Lord, expecting Him to be there for you constantly and expecting Him to help you. However, as I said previously, He may answer you prayer in unexpected ways, and you must be prepared to follow Him wherever he may take you. This can give us great confidence, as we can be active in our healing and not simply sit back waiting for some change. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5, 6. Now that I am gaining in strength, the Lord is reawakening some of my old musical dreams. It's a challenge to discern what He is saying, but also exciting, as I once more have to surrender my will to His own, knowing that His plans are the best!






My Testimony

In my Fathers house there are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you that where I am ye may be also.
Reading the report at the GES Annual Rally. St John 14:6.

Born in South London in 1946, I married my wife Pat in 1971 and we have been blessed with two grown up children and five grandchildren.
My mother took me to Sunday school at three and my life was influenced by the prayerful interest of Christian grandparents, I remember as a young child sitting on my grandfather's knee, looking at the pictures in his tattered old bible and wasting no time in asking if I could have it when he died.
I was converted in 1954 after attending the Billy Graham film “Souls in Conflict” at the invitation of the local Evangelical Church and some thirty years later found myself taking a service next to a retired Policeman, Mr Wally Barrett who had led me to the Lord that day.
Then there was the joy in my grandparent's faces when I told them of my conversion to Christ, this joy was however short lived as my grandfather and special friend was called home to be with the Lord in 1957.
My grandfather did not leave me comfortless, on the day his will was read I was called into the parlour and much to the astonishment of the adults there was a word of prayer and I was given grandfather's Bible. The Bible was no longer tattered, it had been repaired with gold leaf pages and a nice new leather cover ready for use in the service of the Lord.
The Bible travelled many miles to many churches as I preached the glorious message to many people from the Word of God which surely was a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
In October 1971 through the Lord's leading I founded Group Evangelistic Services (now GES Ministries International), an interdenominational evangelical organisation of around of around 100 preachers and evangelists preaching Christ crucified in approximately forty - five churches, schools, homes and hospitals from the Weald of Kent to Hertfordshire.
During the next twenty years we worked alongside other organisations like the Baptist Preachers' Association, the Christian Police Association and the Gospel Society. Many of our preachers went to Bible College and into to full time ministry and are serving the Lord in churches and Christian organisations both in the U.K. and abroad. I studied under the Rev Dr H.J. Clark D.D. at the Evangelical Institute of Theology and was ordained in March 1983, I was responsible in Greater London for pastoral work with an international blue chip security organisation and served as General Secretary for the New Testament Fellowship International. I have also served as a Minister of an inner city London Church and held Chaplains positions for a South London Hospital and a Centre for the Homeless on the Isle of Wight. Owing to disability I retired in 2000 and am now actively engaged with GES Ministries International and I count it a privilege with our partners to proclaim the love of God via the Internet throughout the United Kingdom, America and Africa in Jesus' name.


Just want to say I'm amazed how God works and gives us "signposts". I was invited to an event tonight called Big Hope and had no idea what it was really about but thought great opportunity to go to meet people. Whilst on the journey there I prayed about everything and everyone and also for a smooth journey as I was nervous about driving so far. Praise God - he gave me great weather during the drive and a smooth journey. As I drove into the University - there was a sign that said 24/7 Prayer! As I had arrived early I thought I would go and check out where this was. So as I walked towards the chaplaincy I felt a surge of tears roll down my face. I wiped away my tears walked in then walked out... walking around the building and once again feeling compelled to cry. Finally I walked in to the room and it was the most amazing collage and dedication to God. In the background was Christian music and then I suddenly cried again. I could feel the Holy Spirit working. I picked up one of the books and the first page said Repent - with arrows to the next page - so I followed it and amazingly I read the words out loud. I knew at that moment that God wanted to save me again and I repented all my sins.. that feeling was so powerful. I gave my life to Christ again but promised I would change. After surrendering all my worries and concerns and me I felt lifted and renewed. God does work in mysterious ways and he brought me to this place tonight. The conference was about making a difference. The topic hit my heart. During dinner sitting with a group of successful inspirational women I felt fellowship and also belonging. God really does know me inside out. I forgot about my own worries, pressures, burdens and just learnt to relax and enjoy myself again. I also made a couple of new friends from the evening. Thank you God. So I guess anyone reading this - God is with you always and forever. Thank you for this wonderful evening - I know that nothing is impossible if I have God on my side. I can't believe he brought me so far away from my comfort zone to surrender and pray and re-connect again. Just awesome. God Bless. PS: Please pray for all those that have been forgotten especially in countries like Burma, Nigeria, Sudan, Almeria, Russia etc.


Praise the name of Jesus! God is really great. I was so poor with nothing at all. Am a student in a foreign country. My visa was expiring and I even had no money to pay for it but I prayed to the living God and He truly heard my cry. My visa is going to be extended tomorrow and yet I haven't paid the tuition fees, God has also provided me with money for visa extension, health insurance, money for upkeep and so on. He is even doing more so as I go to UK for my university studies. I give all the Glory to the most high God. YOU'RE WORTHY JESUS AND THERE'S NONE LIKE U LORD


Hi, I just want to share that God had made some very impossible things in my life and my family possible. The list is so long it can go on and on. in material terms, emotionally, spiritually. He has made me materially better off, emotionally more sensitive and happy, spiritually more full. And He is still working miracles today. He is ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. Have faith, be patient. When you asked, God has set things in motion. Pray, ask for his help. Ask in Jesus' name. Confess your all wrong doings, do not let this add distance between you and your loving Father in heaven. Be humble. Ask your fellow brothers and sister in Christ to help you pray. Go to church and get help in prayer from them too. Ask for his Grace to help you through every day. Ask him to help you find favour with the ones you are dealing with. We live and breathe because of his Grace. Give your thanksgiving. God Loves you. God bless!


I want to shout on the terraces of God's mercy toward us. My brain-damaged son needed a permanent resident status to go to another country for rehab. I made the application in 2004. I was told it would take two years to get PR.I called in 2006 and the officer said it would take another two years as there were 6000 applicants. I just told her his story and said never mind we will chat two years down the line. She was just another officer in the govt. I said it is only what God wants. The next day the same officer called to say the story of my son touched her and she spoke to her seniors.. the visa was sent in a week. NOW that is GOD for you. I had posted a request on this site. Thank you for your prayers. Our God is a listening God who is waiting to answer us. We must KNOW He will do it all. God hear your prayers and grant all of you your needs is my prayer for you. Thank you once again.

Kevin (prayerpartner, Leicestershire)

In February 1983 I was arrested by armed police and charged with armed robbery. I was sickened by this as I know I never committed this crime. Following my arrest I was released after spending two wks in prison on bail. When I first went into prison I was terrified as all I could see were doors. The trials were a nuisance and first two were kicked out on legal technicalities, however at my 3rd trial I was convicted and sentenced to 14 yrs and as soon as the Judge had finished I gave him a mouthful of abuse that day mum and my sister were sitting in the public gallery. Anyway I was taken down to the cells and about 30 minutes taken back in front of the judge expecting more time for contempt of court, however the Judge reduced my sentence to 30 months, already the Hand of God was on my life even through I did not realise it at that time. A few days after this I decided to slash my wrists, and when this did no good I decided to go on hunger strike which I found very hard to stick with. The few weeks I spent being as abusive as possible to prison officers. I experimented with drugs and found as many ways as possible to be awkward and get what I wanted out the system.

Then much to my surprise I was given the job as chaplain’s orderly which had to be better than sewing mailbags. I spent much of my time in the chapel, moaning at God and blaming Him for being in prison. One day when I was sitting at the back of the chapel, a peace came over me and I was lifted up and placed at the foot of the cross. Jesus was looking at me and among many things He told me, ‘I have brought you here for this experience as in time to come I will bring into prisons to minister to these men, but you needed to see what it is like here.’ I was free even through still behind walls and locked doors, as ‘If the son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed’

Later that day when I was collected from the chapel to go to the prison wing the love of Jesus was shining through. Many of the prison officers and inmates thought I had finally broken under the sentence as they could not understand the change in me. But the Lord led me to share my vision and the message He had given me and that He died for us all at Calvary. After 13 months I was released on licence.

Since that time I have some wonderful experiences with the Lord.
Last April and May I had two Near Death Experiences, and both times the Lord told me I had to return as I still had work to do for Him. Last summer I was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time, and my church held me up in prayer asking God to heal me, last month following a scan I was told the growth had gone, praise God for He is awesome, and this proves nothing is too big for Him and His Love.

One of my greatest joy as a Christian is interceding:
-for others, as well as that Gift God has also given me the gift of healing, and also the gift of laying on of hands to infill Christians with the Holy Spirit, also at the moment am studying with Faith Mission Bible College and am around half way through my course. If someone had told me in 1984 when I became a Christian whilst serving a prison sentence following a miscarriage of justice that God would use me for His Work and Glory, I would have probably said, 'me never'!



Hello to everyone. I found this site a few weeks ago when I was very down and troubled by different things in my life. God is great. I still have the same worries I had few weeks ago, but I feel more at peace with myself. That is the miracle that God has done for me. I know God is watching me. I hope everyone who reads this may be at peace in their lives, understanding that God will never leave us. He works miracles in different ways. In my heart I believe he is going to answer my prayers soon and in the meantime he has made me a happy person, content and understanding his Greatness better. Praise the Lord. I pray for you all in Jesus' name.

Jason (prayerpartner, Maine, USA)

I would like to say that I think this is a wonderful thing that you/we are doing. I feel that my day is not complete until I say some kind of prayer or attend Mass. I am a Roman Catholic, and have only come back or found my faith again in the last couple of years. Something happened several years ago that made me stop going to Church and to stop praying. I don't know what happened, maybe it was someone saying a prayer for me, but, I found myself sitting in the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in my hometown of Lewiston, Maine, USA. They were having an all night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I sat there almost all night. Ever since then I attend on a regular basis, I am a Lector and an Extraordinary Minister, and I am going back to school in the fall to get a degree in Theology. (I hope to eventually become a Deacon.)

I think that saying prayers for others that need a little help every now and then is very comforting to me...and imagine how it must make them feel. May God bless all of you/us and those that we pray for.

Yours in Christ.

Selina (prayerpartner, Solihull)

After a 9 year break, I found God again when I was at a very low point. Thanks to my friend who is a devoted Christian I saw again what it means to be Christian. At my low point I pushed most people away as things I had forgiven them for had come back to me and because I was not devoted I felt anger and hatred again.

I then carried this on to feel anger towards new people around me whom had not done anything wrong and I saw evil that was not there. Luckily my Christian friend despite me telling her I thought she was trying to steal my business and a few other horrid things invited me to her home and showed me true kindness. I am in her debt totally forever as I am in God's always.

I spent a few weeks after that getting to know God again and repenting and finally after about 3 months I managed to talk to my friend and tell her. God has sent me so many signs and answered so many of my prayers whenever I feel low I just pray and ask for help (when it's really needed) and I can say that in the last 3 months I have not had to wait longer than 24 hours for an answer to come.


GOD had empowered my life this day with great blessings. He gave me a lot of things. I Thank you and for praying to God to help me receive spiritual blessings . NO MATTER WHAT MY FLESH SAYS TO HIM, I WANT TO EXPRESS THE POWER AND GLORY OF OUR GOD!!!
1 He bind this satanic attacks
2 he let my mouth glory and give fruit of thankfulness
3 HE soften my heart
4 He blessed me according to the beatitudes
5 He set me free
6 He empowered me to overcome the flesh and evil spirits
7 He is merciful more than I can imagine
8 He gave me my life
9 He died for me
10 He restores my soul
11 The word of him that is too powerful
12 I wish I could Give glory to HIM MORE!!!
Thank You GOD ----weeping I wish I could give my life to you to pay a little portion for my GREAT debts. There are a lot more that Lord Jesus miraculously gave me. I honor you.


My daughter recently took a new teaching position in New York. This was a major step for her but not so surprising as we had been praying for her to find a stable position. She was struggling and so unhappy in her previous situation. The amazing thing is that a few weeks later my son also took a teaching position in a local high school. The entire family had been praying for him to find his way. He is a cancer survior whose life was seriously interrupted by this appalling illness. I do believe that the Lord works in unusual ways. I am also a teacher. It delights me to see my adult children becoming educators. It simply never occurred to me that they would go to teaching. Just shows to go ya' the Lord always has a plan and he doesn't need to consult with us! The laugh is on me and I'm smiling!

Juliana (prayerpartner, Norwich)

It took 2 years in prayer for us to lift up our roots in Africa and to move to Norwich led by God as our little plans didn't work out. I left a lifestyle that most people only dream of, a life of no worries, and blessings pouring onto the family continuously. I love the sea and would start my day down at the beach every day , summer through winter, welcoming summer again, in rain and wind, swimming often with dolphins sometimes 2 weeks or more every day in such a way that they called me the 'dolphin lady'. It was so part of me and my life that I could never have thought that I would end up in 'miserable' England! The last place I wanted to be! But God had other plans and gradually changed my heart and that of my husband who is even more set in his lifestyle in PE having a very successful practice and at one stage even two. We started to rely completely on God, on His timing for the sale of our house and practice and undo our little plans we made. We have now been in England, Norwich for nearly 6 months and it feels as if we have lived here for much longer! We love the friends God has placed on our path, deep, on fire Christians, the work which is more than my husband ever could have wished for and our little house which is perfect in everyway. We returned home for a short 10 day visit for birthdays and to sort out our furniture we left there and going up to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town to do that, I 'prayed' to God to please let me just swim with the dolphins once more... my swimming friend and I agree that we meet and will swim just after lunch but when the time came we decided against it and just sat talking overlooking the sea. A little while later stacks of dolphins came past very close in ! We were happy to see them as my friend who still lives there, said she hasn't seen any dolphins since I left. That night in bed I realised that God IS FAITHFUL! I have asked to swim with them and they were THERE, I just wasn't! I'm telling you this just to show how faithful and Good God is even in little things like that! How much more won't He be and isn't He in the big things! His time is just not our time and His ways are so much better than ours and in the end, Good comes out of that we thought was bad. To place one's life totally and completely in His care in every way can only be GOOD! I just thought I wanted to share it with you. Lots of love and blessings to you all!

Pastors Mary & Jeff (prayerpartners, USA)

We pass out your fliers at church and at the Chamber of Commerce with our cards. It is very comforting that we have your ministry to network with to give people that may never call us but have a place to have their prayers heard. Happy Birthday and be blessed with many more years as we need your ministry. In His Love Church and Ministries.


Praise and glory to Lord God of Israel. I am from UK. My name is Joy. Me and my soul mate are people of The lord. My soul mate is currently in India preaching the word of god. The life of my soul mate in the Lord have been exactly like the apostles of the Lord, going thro persecutions, dangers even imprisonment for preaching the word of God. Lord works mighty healing and miracles thro him. At the moment Lord is using us in dangerous places in India where even the mention of the Lord’s name can cost our lives. He has been using us in many remote places wherever Lord lead us to go without rest. There are innumerable testimonies in our life one of which am relating here which happened just few days ago in India to show that Lord our God is the power over all the powers on this earth and in heaven. The word says "he who dwells in the secret places of the most high shall abide Under the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my fortress my refuge".
Again as the word says who can fathom the mind of the Lord for his people. Seven months ago lord took me down to India to meet my soul mate for the second time. Lord took us to a very remote place where each and every soul are deep into idol worshiping where lord prompted us to preach his name day and night for everyone whom Lord gathered to us. And in this region we preached and prayed for everyone for nearly four months by which time people who had never heard of the Lord began to marvel at the miracle of healing Lord performed thro us. And at the end of four months few of them turned to the Lord. For the word says even if one soul turns to Lord the whole angels in heaven rejoice. I had gone to India on a tourist visa ago and my visa time was to expire on 19th of august. But I stayed on with my soul mate well knowing the consequences after the visa expiry date praying to Lord and the 19th passed off too. At this time we were in a very remote and a dangerous place where not even a bird can fly without the notice of the authorities concerned. However, Lord kept us both very safe until the 29th when in the morning hours Lord asked us leave the place immediately and showed us the route we need to take which was thro a forest, for by this time the authorities were enquiring about us with the locals because our visa had expired on 19th August. Lord walked with us leading us thro a forest where few wild beasts could be seen, covering us under his wings throughout the journey walking with us by foot at least fifty kilometres and brought us safely to a place where Lord asked us to get into a bus which could take us to Calcutta, a big city about six hundred kilometres from the place where we were. Throughout the entire journey thro the forest by foot and by bus Lord's mighty presence with us did not allow the authorities to even lift their eyes nor check the passport even once on the entire journey of nearly 600 kilometres although our bus was stopped for security checks at least five times en-route. India is a place where if any foreigner overstay for even one day more, he or she can be imprisoned without mercy or compassion. The prisons here are no less than hell. And once imprisoned for any reason, it could take years to be free again. Due to idolatry worships and fanaticism, people of the Lord often are persecuted. However, after Lord reached us to Calcutta, he asked me to go to the British Consulate where he put the top in command at the British high commission at my disposal and made him speak to his counterpart at the Indian foreign Registration office to extend my visa by one month which in normal circumstances was an impossibility as mine was a tourist visa as the Indian rules do not permit extension of a tourist visa for more than fifteen days which too, at the end of all exercise, may or may not be sanctioned. But Lord made the Indian Authorities extend my visa for more than a month. All these took just two hours for the lord to do. Lord also extended my air ticket by one month to fly on 16th September back to UK. Glory to Jesus Christ. Am now back to UK to Lowestoft which was my home before I left UK to preach the lord with my soul mate. My soul mate is still in India doing Lord's work inspire of all dangers he is facing every moment and every day. We are in need of finances immediately for spreading the word of God and also for a place of stay. We are rich in Christ but poor in this materialistic world. I request you to announce this testimony in your church and website. With love and prayers.

Pastors Mary & Jeff (prayerpartners, USA)

The Lord had me step away from my job to devote myself to full time ministry. Soon as I did the well almost dried up. We did not give up but it has been hard then as we were praying I began to travail. This is not something I do by choice it just comes on me at times, usually for others. Well right after we prayed I had to do an errand and while I was gone an angel from heaven called and sent a blessing. I tell you all this so you will not give up and please take time to fast and pray for yourself and your needs as well as others. Remind God who you are and the promises he made to you. Amen, God does answer prayer.


I want to share my testimony with all the prayer partners in Jesus' name! My father was working the evening shift on Friday August 23, 2003. Usually, he will come home 10 minutes after 7. He did not show up at that time. I got a call from his supervisor. He went to change the tape for the camera to have it ready for the morning shift. He was found standing next to the machine motionless. He smiled; but could not talk or moved. Thank God he did not fall down. They brought him to the nearby hospital. The entire family came to the hospital. He had so much blood in his brain... for more than one hour they were deciding what to do. My father was paralyzed from head to toes. We asked for a release. The hospital was not happy with that. We took him somewhere else. While I was in the ambulance with him I prayed to God. I told him that my Dad went to work that's all I know. After a day or night of work; when you've done working God the next stop is home, nowhere else. The doctors there also said there is nothing they can do about it either. He was 13 days in a coma. I remember, I said to one of the doctors that I know my father has to die one day; he is not on earth forever, but not now. Also, why are you expecting that everyone that comes here has to die. I went to tell him that the medical sign was a covenant between God and his people. I was always there nights and days with my father. I read aloud all the miracles in the Bible for him everyday, I mean all of them. They asked for family reunion to decide what to do in the event of death. I did not accept. I know God is a powerful God. One day I when just left the hospital to go to work for one hour; I am involved in Social services, my sister called to tell me that my father is dying. I said no; I am not coming back; If you want to believe, believe, my father is not dying and he is not going to die. I remember one Sunday morning I called my mom and my Dad said "I love you" to my mom. His first words after nineteen days. Finally, my father was released from the hospital. He went by ambulance and came back home by ambulance. I said To God, I am not taking it like that. After three days at home my Dad became sick again. He went back to another hospital. He was released. It was agreed from the entire family to get admitted to a nursing home for therapy. He spent only twenty two days. I was there days and nights with him. Now, he walks, talks; even do, he has aphasia, that limits his talking. But thank God my father is alive. He will be 78 in July, God is a Great God! He is a Healer. I feel very excited when I talk about God. God is love. He is powerful. Just believe in him.


Dear brothers and sisters, Let me take this opportunity of testifying to the greatness and provision of our merciful God. My son had been accused and indicted for a serious criminal offence. He was accused of perverting the course of justice following being arrested for various motoring offences namely Driving under the influence of Alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident, Driving without due Care and Attention, Dangerous Driving and perverting the course of justice. This happened last October, and he was summoned for trial 3rdApril. The police officers involved with the case did not come to that hearing so the trial was adjourned until last Wednesday 10th & 11thMay.
On arriving at the Crown Court, the jury was sworn in and the first witness (an eye witness who was the basis of the prosecution case) began to give evidence. She kept to the details of her statement until she was asked about the person she saw leaving the vehicle after it had overturned. At this point she said that the person who ran away from the vehicle did not return. This was the Police case that my son had been driving the car and that he had run away after the crash but had returned shortly afterwards claiming the vehicle had been stolen.
There were concerns by the defence that the investigation was flawed, but they thought that there was enough evidence to gain a conviction and advised my son to plead guilty at an earlier hearing. He refused maintaining his innocence and was committed to trial. My own opinion was that there should have been signs of injury if he had been in the vehicle when it turned over on its roof and also evidence of glass particles from the broken windows. None of these issues were investigated, and both were discounted by the police.
Therefore, when the eye witness did not recognize my son and insisted that he was not the driver of the vehicle the case collapsed. With my son being found not guilty and exonerated from blame.
I would like to thank all the members of FGBMFI for their support of my son both in encouraging him and spending time in prayer upholding him before our Great God and Father. My son is still far away from the Lord, but he did accept that a miracle of grace and deliverance had been performed. He is not yet ready to acknowledge fully the provision of grace from God, or to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, but this has made him think again about how wonderfully faithful our God is who never leaves us or forsakes us.
Please continue to pray for the softening of my son's heart and that he will have his ears, eyes and heart opened to the call of God and that he may surrender and submit to the love of our God, whose blood cleanses us from all sin.
May God keep you and richly bless you in all your endeavours for Him.
Yours in the Name and love of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Steve (Prayer Partner from Middlesex).

"REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Read Steve's Testimony in full here.

Heather Prayerpartner (Birmingham)

This story is from quite a long time ago, but I just very strongly felt the need to share it with you all. I am a professional violinist, and when I was living in London, before I had a full time orchestral job, I was really struggling with horrendous health problems which were preventing me from playing professionally, bad finances because of the health problems, and real discouragement because there was seemingly no end in sight. During the mid 1980's I found myself going into a church that I often went into to pray, only this time I had my violin with me. As I sat praying, I felt moved to open my violin case and take the violin out. I then felt God saying to me that he wanted me to take it to the altar, place the violin on the altar and walk away, not looking back. In other words, was I willing to turn my back on my chosen profession and all that I had worked so hard for for most of my life? There was no-one else in the church, so I took the violin and placed it on the altar, but it was SO hard to walk to the back of the church without looking back!! In fact, I think it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do!! Every fibre of my being wanted to look back, because the violin is part of me and symbolises so much of who I am and what I stand for!! However, with God's help, I managed to do what He had asked me to do. I then felt Him saying that I could go back and pick up the violin again and! put it back in its case, but to remember that every time I took it out of its case, God was giving it to me, because the violin belonged to Him, my talents were a gift from Him, and that He had given the violin back to me at this point to be used for His Glory. But He had wanted me to be willing to give it all up if that was what His will for my life was. It was a VERY powerful moment and totally changed my perspective on both my career and my instrument, because for a lot of players, their instruments can become an idol, and pride about one's skills and abilities can overshadow God's presence. There was no immediate change in my situation, but things did change dramatically a couple of years later, with God bringing healing of the symptoms of my back problems so that I could contemplate applying for orchestral jobs, and subsequently I got my current job in the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1989. Then my health deteriorated, and it has been a daily struggle ever since to maintain my job in the orchestra, but because of God's Grace, I have remained in the job for 16 years now, and my instrument really has been an instrument of God's Grace in helping me express the gift He has given me! As a twist in the tail, about 5 years ago I experienced professionally what I had done spiritually. I managed to run over my violin in my car and smash it so that it would cost more to repair than it was worth. Whilst I was sitting in the manager's office with the smashed violin, waiting for him to come back, God reminded me of the occasion when I had to give the violin to Him as His instrument, and I was then honestly able to say to God " It is your instrument! If this is the end of it, then I trust You to be at work in the situation-thank you for all the happy years I have had with it! But if it is to be repaired, then I trust you with that as well!" (very hard, because there was no guarantee that it would sound the same even if repaired!) That was amazing, because for any professional, having their instrument smashed is their worst nightmare, but God enabled me to remain calm and give the violin back to Him and trust Him with it! People were really amazed at the fact that I was not devastated, which can only be a testimony to God's Grace and strength! (In fact, subsequently I was able to get it repaired rather miraculously so that it now sounds just as good as it did, praise God!) I just felt that someone reading this needed to hear God's voice in their difficult situation, and hear Him saying to them that He wants them to be prepared to trust Him with their dreams/hopes and to be willing to lay them down on the altar of His Love if He should ask them to. That is not to say that He will automatically take those dreams and hopes away, but that at the moment their pride and selfishness are getting in the way of what He is wanting to do in their lives and they need to hand over everything, even those most precious things, to God, not holding anything back. Like Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac his only son on the altar, we must be willing to listen to God and obey, even if what He is saying seems difficult or strange. I felt a real idiot in the church that day and kept wondering whether I was making it all up, but I know that God was there, and I am so grateful to God that I went through that experience, because it is still with me today and I know God is in control of my circumstances, and continues to give me my violin back on a daily basis, praise Him! And that violin is now doubly special and doubly blessed, and so am I to have Him as my Lord and saviour and to have been blessed with such a special gift of playing. Thank you Lord for your love and faithfulness through all these years!


It was in 1995 when I had stress, for the person who was about to marry me just left the country and phoned me after a year, it started worrying me that I ended up having epilepsy. I used to bite my tongue each time that I started being attacked by this diseases. I suffered from this diseases for almost 7 years. In 2002, I saw on sky TV that there was a pastor who was coming to London arena. I went there with my mum, and when I got there I really felt that for sure all along I had been in darkness. We went to sit in front and I felt that the Holy Spirit was now coming into me. When the Pastor started praying for me I really felt that God is there and he can also do miracles. I jumped screaming saying "Thank you Lord several times. God had now done his miracle, he knew where and when I was going to be free from this disease. I went to the Hospital for I had a brain Scan appointment, when I got there they put me in the tube, the other nurse came running saying that there was no need for me to be scanned for they had found nothing wrong with me. They thought maybe they had not done it properly, so they called me for another appointment and still they could not find anything, from that time I haven't had any attacks and haven't been to the Hospital as well, I was only told by the Doctor to stick to my tablets and as time goes on the doctor will reduce the dosage. I really thank God for this for I have proved that for sure he can do miracles. I could not speak in tongues as well, I was prayed for and I thank God that the Holy Spirit is now in me and I can even pray for others as well


Well, where to begin. God is amazing!! I placed a prayer request for a past illness name IBS and day by day I am trusting that He is the God for ALL MY Needs! I also had a colonoscopy and this was a fine! My family have been alienated from me for years, recently I received my breakthrough! They are starting to include me in the family, and are showing respect! I cant express at the moment how over-awed I am with God's Love and Faithfulness, I cant take it all in yet. I still need prayer for brokenness, but I am looking 'forward' and where I have come from up to today, and its amazing! I am a member of a non Christian friendship group and things are happening! I witnessed to the organiser in her home on Sunday evening, and she kept saying your amazing - I told her this isn't me its all HIM. As I spoke to her there were tears in her eyes and she was so receptive and received like blotting paper. I know she will come into the Kingdom! Her name is Madge. With God's help I expect all the members of this club to become His children. In fact, at the moment unknown to me, one is attending an Alpha Course, his name is Wayne. Praise God. I also have got into the habit of asking Favour every day wherever I go and with whomever I speak to, and that's exactly what happens. We need to speak the 'Word' in situations regularly and just stand back - you'll be amazed!!!-



I have been here a few times as an anonymous guest for prayer request but I've been blessed each time and I just want to say thank you for all who prayed for me and for His eternal love and grace to us all. Love u all.

Kay (USA)

I hope that my experience with God in my life will help others to see what God can do for them in their lives. My name is Kay I lived my life staying paranoid and watching out the windows watching for the cops at all times, cause I was a drug dealer and abuser I had gotten hooked on meth (crank). I used needles, and I thought at that time, that I couldn't get out of bed without the crank to get me going. I would stay up on the drug as long as my body could stand it. At times I couldn't even talk, because I would forget what I was about to say, before I could get a word out. My sister seen how I was living and kept asking me to go to church with her and her family, and I finally told her I would go, just to get her to shut up about it. It got time to go and I hadn't had any dope all day ,I felt awful, and I was expecting a new package to come in at any time, I thought of every excuse possible not to go to church, so I could be there when the dope came in. But for some reason no excuse was good enough for me to stay out of church that night. When we got to church the preacher was there for a "Revival" he was a long winded preacher, I thought he would never hush. I kept thinking if he would just hush this would be over and I could get home to my dope. But just as the preacher was ending his sermon something came over me, I started crying. My sister asked if I was ok, I said that I was. Then she looked at me and said, "do you want to go to the alter", I looked back at her and said, " no", by the time I had got the word out of my mouth I was up at the alter on my knees praying for God to forgive me for all the wrong I had done and for Jesus to come into my heart and change my life, that I had realized I was tired of living my life the way I had been. When I got up the Lord had took it all away from me. I had no desire for the drug anymore. I went home and told my husband and so called friends, That I had gotten saved and quit all of that. They all said," good we'll give you 2 weeks", that was June 28, 2000, it is now April 27,2005, I am still off the drugs, and still living my life for God and thanking Him for every day. Praise the Lord! He has done so much more for me since then, not that I have deserved any thing from Him, but I am very thankful for everything He has done for me and given me. I especially thank Him for all that He has taken away from my life! Thank you for allowing me to give my testimony, I hope that it may help someone else to get to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour, God Bless!!!!!


Mary and Jeff in the States

I know we have told you before but I think it needs to be said again. This website blesses us so much. Just to know that any time we can submit a request for prayer and the door is always open. Just like our Lords. May you be blessed with all your needs be met and more.

Pastor Raphael Muryango

Hoping you 're all doing well and busy for the work of our Father. I want just to take this opportunity to testify about what God is doing in my country because of the prayers which are being made by you and all of our prayer partners around the world through this wonderful ministry of If you recall last year I submitted my prayer request for my country which was been victim of war and trouble and every kind of violence for several years, now there's a positive report it seems that God is turning another page for Burundi. Different rebels factions have signed a peace agreement and cease fire and they're now joining the national Army for which they fought for, but it still one faction FNL which is still resisting in the bush, also there's negotiations between them and we hope that they'll also join the other factions. So I really thank all of our prayer partners for their hard job of carrying the Nations before the Throne of grace. I'd like to encourage you that you can also be a part of us by joining us in this mighty army of the Lord. May the Lord bless you. Here is my favourite Bible scripture for today Psalm 32:6-7 "Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found surely when the waters rise, they will not reach him. You are my hiding-place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."


Christmas Day Testimony

Dear friends, Merry Christmas! We have been having a wonderful Christmas. Even though our car broke down ($300+) and some other goofy things we have peace. We are visiting our family in Cocoa and they are changing before our eyes. Talking about God more and more. We are blessed indeed. I wanted to share with you that I was told many times God wakes up his prayer warriors to pray around 3-4 in the mornings. In the old days it was not looked on as being odd to be awake in the early hours. In fact Mother Teresa was said to wake at 3or4 every morning and kneel and pray until 6:00pm I am not there yet if I will ever be able to be even close to Mother Teresa. Lately though I too have been awakened at 3or4. It is hard because my flesh graves sleep but I am getting used to praying upon waking. There is so much going on in the world today and there are not enough people willing to say "send me." Sometimes being sent is just getting up and praying. I know we are all here to pray for others. Praise God for you all.



God has done some amazing things in my life, especially in the past few months, I would update the ones I have posted but, there are too many. I just want to praise him. Psalm 150 v6 "Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD."

Mary and Jeff in the States

Since you all have been praying we have been blessed more and more. Our son JDUB is inc his own record company and I am helping him with marketing. He is performing every week in churches, correctional facilities for teens and more. We are working on a nation wide tour. And we are praying to come see you all. JDUB is committed to giving kids a positive message with rap/hip/hop. Hundreds of kids signed up to be on his email list. He is updating his web page and is ready to go to record his 6th CD. JDUB is totally committed to Christ and he is not ashamed to show it. (Like you all) But he still likes to have fun and the kids like that. Thank you for your prayers and love. We love you all so much. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.


Amy (Warwickshire)

I want to tell you about our recent trip to Austria with the New English Orchestra. First, a bit of background: The NEO is a registered charity, made up of professional and semi-professional musicians, who are all Christians. Their vision is to communicate the love of Jesus through music. NEO have been visiting the Salzburg music festival since 1976. However, this was the first year that we were allowed to perform in the cathedral, because the relationship between the Church and the State and the music tradition is so interconnected, that in practice JESUS is pushed out. So, this year the cathedral authorities allowed us half an hour each lunchtime, during which to sing and play a wide variety of music – classical, gospel, jazz, African spirituals… all with a Christian emphasis. About 1000 tourists turned up every day, not knowing what to expect, and being quite surprised! We concluded each half hour singing ‘Be still and know that I am God’ while we walked through the audience towards the back of the cathedral. We could not have prepared ourselves for the responses: people stared in bewilderment or wept, taken aback by what they were sensing. Afterwards many grabbed us, thanking us and wanting to know who we were, and more about this Jesus. One woman, broken down in tears, said, ‘I’ve met my Father again!’ and another proclaimed that ‘this was Living Water’. It was the most incredible experience – one of power because we were so filled with the Holy Spirit, as if we were prophets to these spiritually hungry people, and yet we also felt so humbled and privileged that God had chosen to use us. We also did two evening concerts in St. Peter’s Church to, yet again, astonished audiences. In a version of ‘At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow’ a man fell to his knees in the aisle, and then later leapt into dance as we sang an African Spiritual! We left after a week, awesomely blessed by the whole experience: that God would use us to touch so many simply through words and music we sang. However, we were also saddened that people said they had never heard anything like it in Churches before. These are people hungry for God! Where will all these people go now to hear more, to learn about this Jesus whose touch they have now experienced? Please pray for the tourists and people of Salzburg, for the Churches there – that God’s spirit would move in them, that people would go and find truth, life and joy there. And please pray for the future ministry of the NEO in Salzburg (and in the UK) – that we would know how to nurture these seeds, and be faithful to God’s plans in that place .

Folakemi - Prayer Partner (Nigeria)

Just to share with you that it has been a great pleasure praying for other people and also to realise that the needs of many are so overwhelming that it is giving me so much joy to thank God for all the little things that I take for granted! I pray that God will show Himself faithful to all these ones looking up to Him for a testimony. It is awesome to stand in gap for others. I pray God will turn our generation around to Himself if only by touching these ones looking up to Him for a change in their situations. Best Regards,

From Careworkers

I was so happy to hear about this ministry. My husband and I minister in nursing homes as well as work our jobs. We often feel the need for extra prayer. This fits the bill and it has been wonderful so far. Jeff and I have stopped on Saturday and prayed together for our list. It looks like it will work very well with us. Thank you for standing up and being counted. Amen Bless you all.


I think this is really a kind of testimony. I visit the website a couple of times a week and enjoy reading the requests and answers. I then "carry" the requests around with me during the week, and have discovered that this is doing wonders for my own prayer life! I seem to have more contact with God now and a feeling that all the pray-ers and those they pray for are becoming part of one large family, sharing their concerns and kindness with each other. Thank you to all the prayer partners for their support, and thanks to God for all the answers to prayer.


I visited this website in need of prayers because of what I was going through. Since then, my prayer life has changed in that, everyday I pick about five prayer requests and pray for them and that is building my personal prayer life too. It was also difficult for me to read the Word but I followed the resources given "Blueletter Bible" and I am now able to listen to the Word and sing Hymns. I am really blessed by this website. By the way I am still trusting God for my prayer request and now I have peace knowing God is in control and knowing that other people are praying for me. Praise the name of our Lord.


When I was 6 years old I contracted Polio. It was very bad and at one stage they thought I would need an 'Iron Lung'. There was one standing by the hospital bed, just in case. Now my parents were not members of any church and not particular believers. However, the C of E vicar from where we lived took it upon himself to come and pray for me. Now this part I DO remember at first hand. He came into the hospital ward in his day clothes. As it was an isolation hospital this was a big sin. I remember the ward sister screaming at him to get out and get the protective clothes on. To this day I clearly remember his 'Dog collar' shining as he sat on the side of the bed. He put his hand on my forehead and prayed for me. I don't know what he said, but I guess that it worked. That was back in 1954 and I'm still here. Fully mobile and healthy. It's only recently that I've made my commitment to Jesus. In June 2000 I was baptised and am now a member of Harborne Baptist Church in Birmingham. Our Lord has continued to bless me even when I didn't deserve it! I've travelled the world and had a good life. I now have a terrific wife who encouraged me to seek the Lord. I'm working for the NHS now, trying to give back a little of the love that God put into my life. God bless you all.

Lynne Isherwood

Dear Friends,

Having gone through many difficulties with my own family and through my life, I have learned much from God and our lord Jesus. Where would I begin to list answers to prayers. I wanted to share a thought and some scripture with all who pray or are in need of prayer. FAITH- is the willingness to think and act on the basis of what we know of God, (which may be very little), and to TRUST him that he will not let us down. When I pray I have learnt the following from what Jesus our lord said. MATTHEW:5-15, MATTHEW 18:19-20. If any of you have any problems, these like James 5:7-20.

All too often as James 1:2-8 says, we have not because we ask not. If you study this scripture and remember that God is not a liar and all scripture is inspired by God. 2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17, HEBREWS 4:14-16. The facts read in the gospels that Jesus never turned anyone away who came for healing or for help. Today man has let his own self-doubt influence the power of God's word and the reality of what God's power can do for those who believe.

There are two things I am becoming more sure of and that is God can and will do all that is good for each and everyone that asks. Jesus did not say people would not do what he has done, He said you will do what I have done and even greater things. Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead, healed the sick, cast out Demons cursed an olive tree. Who do you know is doing this today? If praying for others is your gift, then pray in his spirit and in the faith of his promises. Would you please pray for me, also? I do believe Jesus Christ told the truth and he is God's Son. I also believe he came as a human being how else could he really know us or understand how we feel, or suffer for us as he lovingly did. I have had Satan attack me for many years.

Please pray for me that my time of testing is now at an end and for God to heal me completely in body, soul and mind and to allow me to serve him all my life in newness of strength and love for him and others. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you.
Yours in Christ.

Lynne Isherwood.

May Almighty God heal all those who suffer or have problems, who come to this site for prayers. More importantly they may awaken to the power of our God and his real love for each of us he has in his heart. Christ is the living word who empowers every life and heart with spiritual truth and love. May he guide your paths and use all who pray for others, to the glory of God our Heavenly Father. May your hearts be full of the love of Christ and the peace he has promised all who follow him.
In the name of Christ. Amen.



God does not abandon us, even when we abandon Him. I turned away from God in a major way when I was suffering from anorexia. I even tried to take my own life. But God didn't give up on me. He brought me back to Him through Christian and non-Christian friends and by introducing me to a new church. He even took away the eating disorder, and turned parts of it into a positive experience, by bringing me closer to Him, and teaching me so much about myself and my dependence on God. I have been thoroughly and utterly blessed. Despite all the suffering, I know that I have benefited from it, and I know now that God really is with me wherever I go (Joshua, 1v9). I couldn't believe that God could possibly love me, but it is so obvious that He really does, and I am so grateful.

Clare, Medic in Birmingham

"I became a Christian when I was 3 and grew up in a Christian family. through my childhood years I developed a good faith in God even if my understanding was basic. When I was 12 I left home to go to boarding school. This was the 1st time I had really had to start thinking about things for myself and not just accept everything I was told by parents and Sunday school teachers. The CU at my school, although quite small, was very strong and the teacher who ran it was incredibly dedicated to encouraging spiritual growth. During the 5 years I was at boarding school my child-like faith became a solid faith deeply rooted in Christ.

From then on it has been an incredible journey. God is always teaching me something new, and often teaching me old things I have forgotten about! There have been some great moments for me like discovering the awesomeness of God's grace, being released in the gifts of the Spirit and most recently seeing much more of the fantastic inheritance I have to look forward to.

I used to wish I had become a Christian later in life and have a more exciting conversion, but then as I thought about it, it does not matter when or how I became a Christian, only that I did and that I continue to have a relationship with him. God has been with me all my life and I know that he has some great plans for my future. He has brought me to where I am now and I choose to follow him wherever he leads me in all the stages of this journey still to come."

Claire "Tigger" Lovell, Engineer

"I was converted at the age of around 18/19. However it all really began at the age of 11 with the death of my grandfather. I had been very close to my grandfather, we shared a passion for sport........almost any sport, he loved hearing about my running, swimming, ski-ing, tennis etc I loved him teaching me a bit of football and the rules of cricket. When he died I was angry and upset.......'why did the people we loved have to die?, who created us and what were we here for? what was the point of earth anyway if all that happened was that the people suffered and we had to watch the people we love die and then die ourselves.........' At the age of 11 I did not have the answers or know where to find them. I was blessed with a loving family so the hurt passed away but the questions remained. I went to senior school and I supposed the questions became buried, I really enjoyed school loved sport and music and was generally very occupied!! In the sixth form of school taking my choice subjects meant developing a new group of close friends two of which were Christians, I began to notice that there was something quite different about their lives. Jo was a friend in some of my classes but we spent a lot of time together doing Duke of Edinburgh. There isn't a lot about a person that you don't get to know when you spend a long time with them in a tent........we shared the gospel and a lot of worship songs!!! Another friend was Ruth, we shared classes together and travelled home together and had many a good conversation! However, going to a church was not possible when I was at home and after finishing my A levels I was blessed with a sponsorship to work for an engineering company APV for 1 year and they would help sponsor me through university. There were 6 people on the scheme and I moved in with 2 of them, one was a Christian! I went to church with him every week and learnt a lot about my Lord and Saviour, not to mention gaining a huge number of friends and a lot of support from Whittlesey Baptist Church. In the January of that year out I committed my life to Christ."

Heather (Birmingham)

I just wanted to encourage people who read this that God is alive and well and at work in the lives of many people, including myself.
I was born into and brought up in a Christian family, and always had the Love of God taught and demonstrated to me by my parents. I have had physical problems since I was very young, and, like Amy, have Hypermobility Syndrome, along with various other types of arthritis and repetitive strain injuries. Life is not easy for me; pain levels are high and I cannot predict from one day to the next how my body will be, and often get very frustrated. I don't even know how long I will be able to continue working. But I can testify to the fact that God is not an absent God, as some would believe: He does not bring us into being and then abandon us, even though it may feel like it sometimes. The God who sent His only Son, Jesus, into the world, to face the most appalling suffering and death, cares deeply about what happens to me, and you, and I could not possibly cope without Him! I lost both my parents last year within 5 months of each other, both very suddenly, and yet can honestly say that because of the faithful prayers of friends, I have been strengthened, and able to then empathise with others even more. God has also helped me to continue working, when the doctors cannot believe I am still working due to the extreme chronic physical pain I suffer, and I want to thank Him that the love of Christ has surrounded me and enabled me to carry on, and even to triumph in certain situations. God is faithful, and Jesus knows our suffering 'from the inside' as it were, because He was human, and He comes alongside me each day because He truly cares.