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This site is for people who want prayer in Jesus' name, and for people who want to pray for others.

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Meditation verse for the Week

Week 7, 2020

  For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers,
nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing,
shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38, 39


Words for the Wise

Answered prayer

Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything
according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask,
we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.
1 John 5:14, 15


Sunday 16th Feb 2020

Prayer Partner

Father I ask that you prepare Sarah to be a godly wife and mother and give her the godly husband you have prepared for her.


I pray Jesus Christ's unconditional love over your life, I pray that you are filled with the holy spirit and full of its joy. May its overflowing life flow in you, in Jesus name amen

Saturday 15th Feb 2020


Please pray for God’s provision of a marriage partner in Jesus name.


Suicidal, depressed thoughts. Tired of feeling this way. Would like God to heal me. I often keep this quiet as had a hard time at a previous church. I tried so hard to be right with God and do the best I could but struggled with my mental health. I love Jesus but struggle to love myself or see me the way He does. It has been a long journey and I am really tired of the struggle.

Friday 14th February 2020

No Prayer Requests

Thursday February 13th 2020


Thank God my friend forgave me.
Father make me more sensitive to the things that bother others.

Wednesday February 12th 2020


Please pray for an older friend of mine who does not see the need to always forgive

Please pray for a young friend who has taken on a ministry of leading the young people of our church in making relationships with unbelievers in the sports and recreation areas so they can have opportunity to share Jesus with them.

Tuesday February 11th 2020


Please pray for two of my friends to be drawn to Jesus and to be able to fully trust Him in all their ways.

Monday February 10th 2020


Please pray that God bless my search for a new ministry role after the funding for my current role as a Pioneer Minister runs out. Pray for me to be open to God's counsel in Jesus name.

Sunday 9th Feb 2020


A motorist reported my friend Tony as wandering across lanes in traffic. He was pulled over and the officer took information from his license and left without hearing his reason. He is disabled - right arm paralyzed and his power steering had just been checked and found to be defective. He didn't have time to have it fixed. They are trying to take his permit away. Pray that they understand and return his permit.

Saturday 8th Feb 2020


I need supernatural healing from all my diseases. Fear, worry, panick, unbelief, pain all over body, palpitations, tension headaches, sense of doom, condemnation. I have struggled sleeping, weakness negative thoughts. I want to make Heaven, my sins forgiven. I want live and raise my 3 kids and be with my husband.


Need an answer regarding financial struggles and a despair that comes over me. We need God to guide us and to change our circumstances. The Lord has never failed us but we feel scarred and ask for prayers thank you in Jesus name and love amen


Prayer to be very courageous and strong in my faith. To keep a holy and sound mind. Deliverance and protection from the enemy. Reassurance and freedom from all condemnation and fear.

Friday 7th February 2020

No Prayer Requests

Thursday February 6th 2020 


Please lift the cloud of fear and depression from my mind and heart, free me from anxiety and allow me to live in peace and love.
Sara please contact Admin JD @contact email above

Wednesday February 5th 2020 


Please pray for my son's job to come through, and that he can start working this week! Please pray that the background checks and documents will all be accepted smoothly with no problems. The wrong papers were sent to my son, causing a delay and a lot of stress. Please pray against any obstacles or attacks of the enemy! Please pray that Jesus will fix any and all problems in the way and bring him the victory of this job! Thank you for praying for my son. May God Bless you!


Please could you pray for Primrose. She is only little and it's heartbreaking to see her so unwell. She also has a sore arm and an allergy to fruit. Please could you also pray for Nelson, who is also only little. He suffers from nervousness and anxiety. As a Christian, I know that your prayers will make a difference. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the Lord bless each and every one of you.

Tuesday February 4th 2020


Trusting the Lord for an urgent financial breakthrough (£2500). I know God will supply my needs so please stand in agreement in prayer Matthew 18:19 19"Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Monday February 3rd 2020


Please pray for a soul mate for myself in Jesus name. Amen.


Please pray: 1) God brings great Christian witnesses into the lives of my family - all Muslims. 2) That God would protect me from the wicked in ministry. That God would vindicate me in a certain situation. 3) God would bring complete healing from periodontal disease. 4) God would give me guidance on my current job situation, as the contract is due to end in July. Pray blessings on my search for the next ministry post - but ultimately, if it's God's will, I'd love to continue in the current post.

Sunday February 2nd 2020


Please pray for my friend Nanda who is flying to Mozambique. Please pray for her safety and protection on her flights to and from there and while she’s there.

Saturday 1st February

No Prayer Requests

Friday 31st January 2020


Please pray for God’s blessing on tonight as I’m stopping with my sister and her family for 1 night. This is the first time in years as we’ve had family problems in the past. I’m the first Christian in the family. My family are Muslim. Pray God would bring healing to us all.


"He is my refuge & my fortress, my God in Him l will trust." Surely He will save me from the fowlers snare & from deadly pestilence & will cover me with His wings today & always.

Thursday January 30th 2020


(Admin JD) I accidentally deleted Esther’s request but she is up for a visa renewal. Her top supervisors are meeting to decide if they can support the renewal at the higher wage required by the new law. She is requesting favor with the supervisors as they make their decision.


I pray for God to continue to guide and protect me in my job search. He has shown me disguised mercies. I pray he will lead me to a job that enables me to serve children and families, and fulfills me.


Prayer partners please pray the Lord protects me from any disease or ailments during this period. Protect my children, family & friends. Lord I humbly ask for Your mercy & grace.

Wednesday January 29th 2020


I am jobless and almost homeless with a family to support.

Tuesday January 28th 2020


Please pray for my friend Becky. She is oppressed by evil spirits. They have told her she has cancer of the pancreas although she has no symptoms of it and has not seen a doctor about it. Pray she will be so tired of the oppression she will want to be free.

Monday January 27th 2020


Please pray hard, much prayer needed for Izzy.


My friend Addie who moved back to New York has not been able to find an apartment they can afford. Please pray the Lord will direct her to the one perfect for her and her son. Thanks!

Sunday 26th January 2020


"Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus experience.


Please pray for God’s intervention with regards to situation in connection with ministry. Another colleague has been manipulating a scenario for his own gain. Pray that God will glorify his name.

Saturday January 25th 2020

Jules I pray for my friend John that you would lead him to a job to be able to support his family. You know his abilities and the things he enjoys. He loves you and will represent You wherever You place him. Thank You!

Father I ask for wisdom and direction as I pray for Gateway City church.

Friday 24th January 2020


Please pray for my daughter Izzy, that she will not have a tattoo done or any more ear piercings. I believe she is being egged on by someone to do it. She is doing a master's degree in law and tattoos are not becoming of a solicitor. Much prayer needed here. Thank you.

Thursday January 23rd 2020


Dear God, dear Jesus, thank you for the well thought out, profitable and marketable business idea. Thank you Jesus for walking together with me in storms, disappointments, discouragement, despair, economic depressions, and ending up finding my true love, my lover and life partner Sophie, and golden opportunities in life and business with compelling warm hearted friends and colleagues. Thank you God and Jesus for showing up in my life when I needed it the must and making all my dreams come true and reality. Thank you God and Jesus for turning me into my own dream guy, doing all the workouts, dieting and turn into a good looking guy and a true gentlemen. I love you and I love myself. Thank you Jesus for teaching me the power of prayers. Perfect love cast of all fears. AMEN.


I am Prasad believer of Jesus Christ. Since two years my mother Gajalakshmi, father Nagaraja and myself we are all suffering with severe full body was affected with skin allergy, rashes, itches, infection and irritation. We have consulted so many skin specialists and taken treatment but it was not cured.. Please pray for my mother Gajalakshmi, father Nagaraja and for me to get complete healing from full body skin allergy, rashes, itches, infection and irritation.

Wednesday January 22nd 2020


Please pray for my friend Tom and his sister. She is in the mental health unit at the hospital. Tom has been training to be her guardian-advocate and her second hearing was today. I pray the whole proceedings will be orchestrated by the Lord and that Becky will be set free of whatever mental/spiritual problems she has been experiencing. Thank you for praying and the Lord for hearing our prayers.

Tuesday January 21st 2020


Please pray for Anthony and Henrietta, for restoration of all that Satan has taken from them. For them to be saved, spirits to be saved, for them to be led by the Holy Spirit and love the true Lord Jesus Christ and his people and be humble and compassionate.

Monday January 20th 2020


Please pray for my baby sister Annie. She has been diagnosed with Kidney failure. Lord You have brought my kidney function from 65% to 80% with 1½ kidneys after my surgery. Lord please restore her kidney function

Sunday 19th Jan 2020

No Prayer Requests

Saturday 18th Jan2020


Please pray for the salvation of my family and the salvation of my friends: Tyler, Chloe, Falysha, Madilynne, Avery, Karrie, and Hattie (Karrie’s cousin). Also pray for the salvation of each of my friends’ families. Pray for all chains of bondage and all strongholds in each of their lives to be broken, and for them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Friday 17th January 2020


I'm organising a social event for some young unchurched people. Will you please pray that every place will be taken up by these young people in Jesus name? Will you pray for God to send me encouragement? Will you pray that they will notice this social on the website in Jesus name? Amen.

Thursday January 16th 2020


Please pray for Anthony and Henrietta, for restoration of all that Satan has taken from them. For them to be saved, spirits to be saved, for them to be led by the Holy Spirit and love the true Lord Jesus Christ and his people and be humble and compassionate.

Wednesday January 15th 2020


The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Please pray that God would send me the right harvest hands. I need 2 males to run a men's breakfast for unchurched men. I need help with some community allotments for the benefit of the community. Lord I need help with your Mission. Please keep away the wrong people. I leave T in your hands - she has caused me so much distress and I don't believe she has been called to this work here - glorify your name Lord. Amen

Tuesday January 14th 2020


Please pray for my friend Tom as he trains to be an guardian/advocate for his sister who is having mental/spiritual problems that he will be given God’s wisdom in all the decisions he will have to make for her. Thanks for praying.

Monday January 13th 2020


1) Please pray for God’s blessing as I try to witness to a young unchurched group of people. Mainly working professionals who God has given me favour with. Pray for His blessing on a little restaurant night I’m organising for them - that it’ll be a success in every way in Jesus name.
2) Pray that God will protect me from some colleagues who are trying to make me look bad just because I know they have another agenda as to why they want to get involved with the missionary work I’m doing.

Sunday January 12th 2020


I have a promise that God gave me and I am praying for God to manifest it in early 2020

Saturday January 11th 2020


Prayer partners please join me in prayer as I ask the Lord to protect my daughters as they travel from abroad. May light & hedge of the Lord surround them.


Dear people of GOD please please pray for me and my sons for complete and total healing this year if really JESUS died for sinners like me and my sons I'm claiming total healing this year Please put my prayer requests to notice board for well wishers to pray for me and my sons for continually 2weeks for total healing this year Please pray for me and my sons for peace at work Pray for Panashe for total healing this year Please pray for Marilein for safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Fri 10th January 2020

No Prayer Requests

Thursday January 9th 2020


Please pray for favour with some work that my agent has put me forward for. Pray that it'll be on a day that's good for all in Jesus name.

Wednesday January 8th 2020


Prayer partners, please pray for my friend Kathy. Her son hasn't spoken to her or seen her in years. May the Lord change this situation today.


Dear Lord, today I humbly ask for Heavenly blessings with my name on it. Change my work circumstances. May my prayers be answered in the Name of Jesus.

Tuesday January 7th 2020


My mother in law (Julie) has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and given months to live. She is 61 and adored by her two grandchildren (and many others!). She's a pillar in our family, and we believe God can heal cancer and give her full restoration. This is my request. We also pray for wisdom and peace and a greater revelation of God's goodness in all circumstance. But our simple request is: please heal Julie.

Monday January 6th 2020


Please continue to pray for Tom and his sister that she will get the help she needs.

Sunday January 5th 2020

Jules Please pray for Tom and his sister Becky. She is in the mental ward of the hospital being evaluated. Please pray that she get the help she needs.

Saturday January 4th 2020


Please pray that I will keep my eyes fixed on God as I see Mark tomorrow at a walk. It feels a bit confusing at the moment with regards to where we stand with regards to exploring a relationship. Pray for God’s protection of my mind and emotions. Pray for Godly discernment for us both. Amen.

Friday 3rd January 2020


Hi, my name is Melany. Please pray for me and my boyfriend Jack. He is not a believer, and not too long ago he told me about his depression and expressed his feelings about committing suicide. He is just really worried about the future. Jesus can set Jack free with His unconditional love. Pray for my relationship with him, for God to touch his heart and for a financial miracle to happen in my life.