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Appraisal and Feedback from Customers

To whom it may concern,

John Cunliffe has done a variety of joinery and electrical work at our premises over the past couple of years ranging from fitting lights, boarding lofts, fitting loft ladders etc. He is very friendly, polite and has a great sense of humour. John will always work hard to make a good job and has a great range of tools and equipment to help him to achieve it. ‘


Michael Hulland (pr)  Champions Church. Skipton

Customer Mrs Tomlinson.
Built 3 Doors hung one side from Parliamentry Hinge One side with tapered Gothic Glass Windows.

Mrs Tomlinson "I knew you could do it. You built them just as I wanted it done. I am so proud of you! "

Customer - Dr Purvis 

"John came out Christmas Eve to fix a burst pipe. It would have been impossible to get a plumber on such short notice on Christmas eve."

Customer - Sharon Purvis
"John has done various house maintenance from plumbing fitting new stop tap, kitchen mixer, Tap washers, Toilet ball cock, bathroom taps. As a joinery fixed rotten windows, conservatory roof, Lean too shed  reroofed, refurbished all our rabbit hutches, built my daughter a Plywood Wendy houes that lasted 10 years. As an electrician fitted new LED security light in the court yard, tied up our wiring fault found an eletrical pendant and bathroom light. He has done various work for us the last 12 years and is very reasonable on price and has saved us hundred if not thousands of pounds doing the work to a very high standard.  He has also used his IT and PC skillls to fix our router and PCs and broadband and we bought an LED projector from him.
            I would highly recommended John to anyone."

Customers  --- Elaine and Tony Holmes.
John used his Joinery skills to build us an 8 sided dovecote it had 8 compartments and 8 sided pinnacle roof it was made to a very high standard to the exact specifications we desired.